Zowie Gear launches new gaming mouse Zowie FK1

Zowie Gear has announced the launch of the latest addition to its line of peripherals Gaming FK, FK1 mouse. This mouse is the brand response to user requests, and born as an evolution of the previous mouse Zowie FK’14, but with a slightly larger design, as many Gamers said that they liked the mouse but it was a little small for his hands.

Zowie Gear

Zowie FK1 incorporates an optical sensor Avago 3310, capable to reach up to 3200 DPI. The mouse has a resolution change "on the fly" in leaps of 400/800/1600/3200 DPI, and has an adjustable refresh rate of 125/500/1000 Hz. Besides, has adjustable elevation distance ranging from 1.5 to 1.8 mm (ie, when you lift the mouse to move it for the mat, stop acting at 1.8 mm to prevent unwanted movements.

As we mentioned earlier, Zowie FK1 is an evolution of FK’14 with a slightly larger design. This way, the mouse now measures 37 mm high, 128 mm long, 62 mm wide at the front and 67 mm wide in the back. His weight has also been increased from 85 to 90 grams.

As you will have noticed, this new mouse Zowie FK1 has an ambidextrous design, with side buttons on both sides. Will be available from early next month at a price yet to be determined, but surely will be the same as the previous FK’14.

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