Zalman CNPS2X, the new compact, low-profile CPU heatsink, hits the market

With an energy dissipation capacity of 120 W, this heatsink allows to improve the cooling of the processor in small computers or with reduced small within the case.

As you can see in the pictures, the Zalman CNPS2X is a heatsink made entirely from copper, with just one S-shaped heatpipe in its lower part, which is always in contact with the CPU, providing a better cooling performance.

Zalman CNPS2X

Its diameter is only 84 millimeters, and its height 27 mm, also its 80-mm fan (1500-2600 RPM) is integrated within it, so it doesn’t make the model any bigger or bulkier, giving it the perfect size for mini-ITX computers, mini PCs or slim HTPCs. It supports processors with 120W TDP, or with lower TDP and over clock.

The CNPS2X is compatible with most sockets in the market; from Intel’s 775 to the most recent LGA 1150(LGA 1366 and LGA 2011 are not supported, since the TDP of the processors exceeds 120W). On the other hand, with AMD we have support for FM1, FM2, AM2+/AM2 and AM3+/AM3.

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Zalman CNPS2X

Zalman CNPS2X

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