XFX tries their luck at the gaming market with their new cases, the Type1 Bravo

The company, known for being a major graphics cards assembler, has introduced its first computer tower.

The XFX Type 1 Bravo is the first foray of the company in the market for computer cases. It is a mid-tower model compatible with ATX motherboards, especially designed to accommodate the longest graphics cards on the market, including dual graphics like the 7990 or the GTX 690.

XFX Type Bravo

It measures 518 x 232 x 562 mm, quite big for a mid-tower. Inside there is room for three 5.25-inch bays and eight 3.5-inch ones, convertible to 2.5 inches for smaller or SSD hard drives.

It features eight expansion bays, so we will not have problems in multi-GPU configurations or if you want to add extra features with expansion cards in the PCI-e. As for the cooling solutions, there’s a large fan in the front (200 mm), together with another of the same size on the top and a smaller 140mm in the lower back area, and we also have room for two 140 mm fans on the sides.

XFX Type Bravo

It has a curious design decorated with a red stripe that flashes and unlike many towers "for gamers”, it doesn’t have see-through areas. It can be found for 130 USD along with 5 year warranty.

XFX Type Bravo

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