Xbox One vs PS4: First surveys have already decided the winner

A recent survey from Strategy Analytics states consumers in general are more interested in getting the PS4 over the Xbox One, with a considerable difference between the two: 14.2% of the people said they will probably get the PS4 within a year, against the 9.5% who said the same thing about the Xbox One.

The people surveyed, -ranging from 20 the 35-year-olds- were more inclined and overall preferred Sony’s new consoles, since 30% of the people surveyed stated their absolute preference for the PS4, while only 20% of the people preferred the Xbox One.

The difference may not seem that big, but if you translate the results of this survey to sells, the PS4 has an edge over the Xbox One of about 15%.This is only theory, of course. More than 6000 consumers from Europe and the United States between the ages of 18 and 74 were surveyed.

It’s important to note, however, that these results are based on the release price and the initial specs and first impressions the people had from them.

Sony has been playing their cards right and Microsoft didn’t know how to react. Still, the next generation console war has only just begun, and a lot is yet to be seen. Exclusives will be a decisive factor for the consumer to choose between one console and the other, and the Xbox One has, as of now, two very important ones: Forza 5 and Dead Rising 3.

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