Xbox one vs Playstation 4, which one is better to buy?

Reasons why i will personally be buying a PS4 (PlayStation4 ) in lieu of a xbox one,

Xbox one vs Playstation 4
1. I have never enjoyed the xbox user interface, i find it difficult to find anything i am looking for.
2. i do not play online, if i do, it is a rare occurrence.
3. i am a trophy hog…
4. i have a laptop, an ipad, a smart tv, and cable… why i would need an additional media outlet is beyond me. ( literally the only portion of the media i have enjoyed on the xbox was halo waypoint and red vs. blue)
5. i enjoy the exclusives of sony better ( i will eventually get both, but i long for the sony exclusives more… I’ve never been into gears or forza.)
6. i think streaming games is an excellent idea.
7. never was partial to the 360 controller
8. vita connectivity…( i realize that this will likely be limited to first party developers and maybe ubisoft{they always did something special for the ps3 come assassin’s creed} but i still think it could be very cool… after all, the vita has more video ram than the ps3 does…)
9. I hate windows 8.
10. I hate windows 8 alot
11. I do not see much use for the kinect, as i am not one for “motion controlled” games, skyping is cool, but still, i have a laptop… just saying

All that being said, there are things that i am hung up on with the ps4.
1. i was dissapointed to hear that they left IBM out to dry with cell processors, i still to this day think that cell is the processor of the future, and will hold to it.
2. they didn’t mention anything about increasing the blu-ray disc depth (br can hold 8 layers of up to 25 gigs each… thats alot of space.
3. ps3 accessories wont work… seriously!!
4. as much as this will upset people, i think sony will have to charge for their online.. i realize it is something they swear by… but think about all that they are changing, someone has to pay for the cloud guys.
5. it appears they also strayed away from a linux based system (to be fair, the cell kinda needed linux, as i believe it was the easiest to develope into a cell based os.)
6. only bad news from square enix (this is more a side note but bare with me) i bought a ps3 expecting kingdom hearts to come out for it… i was wrong… then final fantasy 13 was released, and i thought, hey, that looks like a good game… i was woefully mistaken… then final fantasy versus 13 was supposed to come out in 2012… and it was developed by the lead for kingdom hearts… still not released…. if it releases for the ps4… expect massive delays for kingdom hearts…. and any other good square enix produced and developed game…. (ultimately i view the next gen in generall as a bad as far as “promised games” that weren’t delivered are concerned

these are my opinions. i own an xbox 360, i own a ps3, i own a wii. i have played each extensively. before you claim i am a “fanboy” examine the fact that i do not assess online in this, as i do not use it, i do not utilize what many consider the xbox’s point of interest, thus why i prefer sony, i personally feel that sony delivers a better single player experience.

What’s your opinion?

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