Windows 8 Convertibles laptop: netbooks reborn

A few years ago netbooks were the king among portable. Everybody had one, it was a smaller device we could carry everywhere. Small enough capable of perform the most basic functions. However, over time they became obsolete, and disappeared at the end.

Windows 8 Convertibles

Then Tablets arrived, we were able to do a lot. However, they just couldn’t get into the heart of those who seek same productivity as a desktop PC. Time passed by and with the Windows 8 boom came the reborn of a category, adapted to these times; Convertibles.

A portable and tablet combined at nice price.

Hp Pavillion 360

True convertibles have been among us for a while. We have seen devices as the Lenovo Yoga Tablet which allowed us to use them both ways. However, it resembled quite a lot a portable. Now a new generation arrived, smaller devices more like tablets.

They posses small screens, around 10 inches, keyboards that can be detached or turn it away to use as a tablet with touch screen.

The specs are modest, but can run any application easily; games, office suites, editing applications… they are small all-terrain that pretend to go with us everywhere since their size is really small.

Lets think about a university student day by day; carrying notes and a computer to take notes on classroom. His backpack bulges just a little, as day progresses it is not heavy to carry. Batteries last for hours.

End of the day, time to unplug. Literally. Recharge batteries for tomorrow, plugging to the mains, remove the keyboard to use it as a tablet. Catch up a TV show, chat with friends. Everything on one device.

No limited at all. While it is true it wont play powerful games, nor edit professional video, for that there are more suitable equipments. This convertibles want to be our Robin: an inseparable friend helping us to be more productive, or just entertain us, not everything will be the mobile.

Suffice to say, this whole article has been don on a convertible. Written while traveling on train on my way back to the office, latter at dentist office finished it adding pictures using the WiFi available at the clinic.

I haven’t missed my main desktop at all. I have been able to do everything with no limitations. Their unbelievable fast keyboards, and a convertible working perfectly. I haven’t had the need to pedal to make it fast.

Which convertible suits me the best?


There are many convertibles like the Lenovo YogaPad, however we are concentrating on the entry level models, this remind us the netbooks, Cheap and multipurpose.

A while ago we told you about HP Pavillion X360, a equipment that remind us a portable but the screen can pivot to use it as a tablet. This being a sought attractive feature for those who look for something familiar, not willing to experiment.

Offers good performance and whit a simple twist can be used as a tablet. Then the ASUS Transformer T100 another model we told you about a long time ago. It is a plain convertible. Behind the screen lies all it’s guts and thanks to the removable keyboard can be used as an everyday computer.

Easy to link, with great versatility. An outstanding performance, quite an interesting option if we want a mobile device that can be carried everywhere. A daring bet but an attractive one. Which of these two you choose?

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