Which one do you prefer? The iPad Air Plus or the convertible MacBook Air Touch?

Time is running out. Apple has to respond to convertibles, 2-in-1 and ultralight new generation laptop that have been launched recently with Windows 8.1 and most likely an upgrade to Windows 10. Based on Intel’s 14 nanometer Broadwell processors and an ultra-slim design with passive cooling without annoying fans, for our taste, these are the most attractive models of today’s computing market.

Apple currently has no answer for it, neither in the consumer market for more economic models, such as the ASUS Zenbook UX305FA, the spectacular Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro convertible, nor HP’s new jewel, the HP EliteBook Folio 1020, which is a great treat for professional mobility.

These are going to be joined by a lot of models of all kinds with Core M and the rest of the Broadwell processors that Intel will present at CES 2015.

Which could be Apple’s response?

The rumors of a large Apple tablet are still swarming all over the net. The last item was brought by Japanese media, on the possible development of an iPad Air Plus, a model that would compete with both Microsoft Surface Pro 3, as well as the new generation of Broadwell convertibles.


The iPad Air plus would offer a 12.2-inch tablet, with dimensions of 305.31 mm x 220.8 mm x 7 mm and very similar to the current Air design. With Retina screen, its native resolution would be at least 2K and would have a SoC A9 as the engine, and iOS as the operating system.

On the other hand, there’s also speculation on an iPad Pro that would be very similar, but with different architecture that surely would be an x86 Broadwell, and with an operating system that would be halfway between OS X and iOS. If Apple adds a keyboard dock that brings greater connectivity for desktop work, it would be a serious rival for any model with Windows.

Another response would come in the form a third MacBook Air with a size between the two existing: 12 inches. Also up to date with Intel Broadwell, they could mount a touchscreen panel to bring this technology for the first time to Mac. The resolution also would amount to 2K and it would maintain the autonomy of the series.

Apple is a slave to its own successes and certainly if they haven’t yet released some of these models, it must be for commercial reasons, in order to not to cannibalize on existing products. But what do you think? Will Apple launch a MacBook Air Touch? An iPad Pro with x86-based architecture to maximize versatility as a desktop?

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