Use your iPad as a second screen in Windows

There are many ways to take advantage of a tablet of different platforms as an added screen to your PC or laptop, but Duet Display mode introduces a highly anticipated and excellent performance.

Rarely do we use a paid app like this, but I think it’s time. Perhaps not everyone has a Windows desktop computer and an iPad, but if this is your case with no doubt this will brighten your day.

Duet Display now supports Windows 7 and Windows 8 (and hopefully for Windows 10 too, when the moment comes). This application, which costs 10 Euros in the App Store, will allow you to use the iPad (also the iPhone, but it doesn’t make much sense) as a secondary screen of your PC in which you can extend the desktop.Duet Display

It does not require iTunes or anything like that. It is an App that runs on the iPad, which has its counterpart in the host PC. It installs in a few seconds and its memory consumption is around 130MB. CPU usage depends on the power of your processor, but in a low-voltage Core i3 it’s around 4-5% CPU usage.

Duet Display

The USB 2.0 interface connects the iPad to the PC, which avoids the saturation of wireless data bus like other applications and also the results are much more efficient with a latency of almost 0. If you keep the 1024×768 resolution in your retina display (which is perfect, due to grid scaling), the performance is perfect. Anyone who has had a USB 2.0 Screen knows that it is not a limitation of this particular software, but rather the bandwidth available to this interface when these devices are upgraded and use the USB 3.1 type C cable (for example), then the performance will be sublime in its native resolution.


You can see videos, you can move windows freely and gain an auxiliary screen space that will increase your productivity. The touch screen features from the iPad are well maintained and your desktop or laptop should provide enough power for the USB to also keep the iPad charged and ready. Oh, and you can continue receiving notifications on a timely manner in the tablet.


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