Ultra-wide panoramic monitors, the alternative to multiple screens

For many professionals, it is normal to work with two monitors at the same time. Together, they allow the user to have more windows and applications open at once, which improves productivity. While this does the job, now there is an attractive alternative that you are sure to love. Not so long ago, computer screens evolved from square to panoramic as manufacturers realized this format better conforms to our field of vision. Now, the next big change is here: ultra-wide panoramic monitors. Keep reading to learn more.

What is an ultra-wide panoramic monitor?

Ultra high definition, ultra-wide panoramic… Ultra is trendy. Where ultra high-definition TV’s have more resolution, ultra-wide monitors have a much longer horizontal than vertical dimension. This results in a very wide screen that has many more benefits than just cool wallpapers.

What does this type of monitor offer? The perfect solution for a lot of applications open while using only one monitor. This is ideal for designers or video editors, because more windows and tabs can be kept open without losing track of them.

Another fun feature is that it’s great to play with it and see how the image wraps around, making the viewer feel more fully immersed in the action.

LG monitor

Now you can try an ultra-wide panoramic monitor. We have already tested them and we love them. LG is one of the pioneers of this type of monitor and their new models are really attractive. Not only do they hold appeal for their design and size, but they use IPS technology inside. What does that mean? IPS monitors have more definition, vibrant colors and less energy consumption.

In fact, you don’t even need to have a CPU to use this monitor, because it can connect to your laptop via HDMI. Are you interested yet? One look and you are sure to fall in love.

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