Toshiba will focus on the professional market

[Update] The Communications spokesman of Toshiba Spain assured us that the firm has not abandoned (at least for now) the consumer market, but it will focus more on their professional business. However, all announced products will be launched in the schedules dates, including the Chromebooks.

Toshiba Laptop

Following Sony’s announcement a few months ago, Toshiba has become the new computer giant, leaving the domestic PC market in the background and it will focus instead on the business and corporate world, in the search of better margins and profitability. This decision is part of an ambitious restructuring plan that involves cuts of over $180 million in costs.

The Japanese company will face the dismantling of its consumer unit factory in the coming weeks, including the dismissal of 900 workers (20% of its workforce). Toshiba will focus its efforts on B2B (Business-to-business) activities, expanding its product portfolio and strengthening its structure in the supply chain.

For many years, Toshiba notebooks were synonymous with quality and the latest technology, offering a catalog that ranged from basic equipment to the spectacular Tecra Ultralight Laptops (which we hope they stay in the market), which arrived long before the famous MacBook Air or the current Intel Ultrabooks.

There is evidence that certain factors, such as the popularity of tablets and the fierce price war among consumers on the Computer market, is doing a great harm to the traditional business models of most manufacturers.

Therefore, Toshiba will dedicate instead to professional notebooks, workstations and user-oriented professional equipment. As for the Chromebooks (the latest model presented at IFA just a few days ago), there is still no information on what will happen to them, but they will most likely continue with the project.

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