TOSHIBA SATELLITE C55-C5240 Specs, Price and Review

If you are looking for an affordable laptop that has all the necessary features and provides reliable performance, then you should take a look at this entry level laptop – Toshiba Satellite C55.


If you compare this model with any other model from the Satellite series, you won’t notice any important differences. There’s just one thing that separates this model from the others – it has a textured resin finish. Simple black finish looks great, we have to say that, but matte black C55 has is awesome.



Average home and office users will get everything they need from C55-C5240. This mainstream notebook is not made for intensive work, like 3D modeling, video editing or playing demanding games. On the other side, i5-500U will deal with demanding tasks whole lot better than other affordable Pentium and Intel Celeron CPUs.

You can even play contemporary games if you lower the resolution a bit and set lower graphic settings. Of course, a high-end graphic card can’t be installed on this affordable laptop. This is why there’s a Intel HD 5500 processor integrated, it will deal with most games you have. For example, you can play Battlefield 4 without any problems, if you set lower graphics settings. Skyrim can be played too, just set low details and you’re ready to go. Naturally, older games like Sims 4 can be played without any troubles at all.


The laptop can be used for gaming if you don’t mind minimum settings and resolution. See, for such a low-cost computer a true gaming card would be unheard of. Instead, there’s the processor-integrated Intel HD 5500 responsible for your games. It’s better than previous HD 4000 and HD 4400 models, and should net you decent ~30FPS on Battlefield 4 with eye candy turned off. If you enjoy older games, such as Skyrim, you’ll get smooth 50+ frames on low details. The popular Minecraft, League of Legends and Sims 4 will work without issues. (Read More: Gaming laptops under 500)

There are 8GB of RAM installed on this laptop so you can enjoy in smooth multitasking. C55-C5240 has a 1 TB hard drive so you can store all your pics here, many videos, movies and games. And you will still have a lot of free space!

Other components in this budget laptop will not disappoint you, but they won’t surprise you as well. Everything you expect will be here – a 1366×768 resolution display without IPS technology, full size keyboard and a numeric pad. Lithium-ion battery will provide 7 hours of work. Of course, if you use your laptop heavily, than you can expect the battery to last for up to 5 hours. I think we can agree that this is still a decent number, especially when you compare it to the other laptops on the market.

You will get one USB 3.0 port, several USB 2.0 ports, an HDMI port and DVD multi-drive. Just like we said, everything you need, C55 has it.


A good price, decent spec sheet and formidable performance is what Toshiba Satellite C55-C5240 is all about. You get a great CPU, good amount of memory and awesome amount of storage space – all this for a great price. In case you need a laptop that has a contemporary CPU but don’t want to break the bank, this Toshiba model is a perfect choice for you.

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