Toshiba commercializes the first external HDD of 5TB

Toshiba has started the commercialization of the first external hard drive with a 5TB capacity that arrives to the Spanish market under the Stor.E Canvio Desktop series. A storage solution based on the hard drives of the MG04 series in standard 3.5 inches format that the company will present at the beginning of the year in SATA and SAS versions, we can highlight apart from the 5TB in the last version, a spindle speed of 7,200 rpm and a cache memory of 128 MB.

The variant for external storage comes from the Stor.E Canvio Desktop series, covered by a chassis with black and white finishes, a weight of 1kg, without fans to reduce the emitted noise and with the possibility to install it in vertical or horizontal so it can fit anywhere in your house or office.

External HDD

Its connecting interface is an USB 3.0 Super speed port that is compatible with USB 2.0. It includes a series of applications and software solutions for backup copies, file management and disk performance monitoring.

We want to highlight the backup copy software NTI Back-Up Now Ez which scans the devices and will recommend the best backup copy coverage for them. With this application the user can choose to copy specific folders or files, all the information on the computer or to make backup security copies. It also includes a password feature to increase the protection of the data and prevent unauthorized access.

There is also Drive Space Alert, that monitors the operation and the performance of the hard drive and also has different options that allow to personalize and automate the backup copy routines, in regards to the document type, copy format or how and when to do them.

The new Stor.E Canvio Desktop, the first 5TB external HDD, will be available with a reference price of 185 dollars. Toshiba also offers models with less capacity. With 4TB its price is of 169 dollars.

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