Thinking from Sony Playstation

As usual, Godzilla, aka Sony and the Playstation unit are making up fantasy specs, in order to make playstation bore sound better than it is. the xbox 360 was twice the console by specs as ps3, yet sony kept saying oh no the ps3 is better because we did some bs thing that didn’t really exist. I put my 360 head to head with my friends ps3, and you know what? xbox 360 won every challenge, faster boot time, faster game loading, better graphics, and a better gaming universe. No one cares about sony exclusives anymore because the important companies have fled the sinking ship that is Sony. Square enix, EA, activision, all of the big players don’t care about sony and neither does anyone on earth, except the fan boys. The fact of the matter is Sony corp. itself is DOA. They won’t recover, no one buys overpriced sony devices anymore, tvs, etc. Why pay more for Sony when a Samsung, Vizio, or an Aquos for less money for more device. As for this idea that SCEA’s titles will save the platform, that’s bollucks. Nothing will save Sony, or the Playstation. They’re dead, and Sony should sell it’s titles and SCEA NOW, in hopes of saving the company as a whole. While Sony sells off it’s American Headquarters in New York to pay the bills, Microsoft is making inroads into new markets, and with Windows Blue we’ll see the new generation of Windows soar. The idea that the PS Vita(which is absolute garbage, it’s PSP with some repackaging and a new name) would be a driving point for ps4 sales is ludicrous. So sony has the Vita, yay for them, an additional 200 dollar device you have to buy to be portable. Meanwhile MS is positioning themselves so that you can take Halo 5 with you on your Windows Phone 9-10-?. So you go spend 200 bucks for the vita, i’ll drop my halo matchmaking on my windows phone when I leave thanks.

As for the rest of the world, you’ll see functionality in Europe for all features, MS never forgets the EU. Everywhere else? Who cares, The US is the core marketplace for anything, whether it be electronics, or cars. everything else is just gravy. Sony can have the rest of the world, in the western world MS will dominate as they always do. In a few years Windows Phone 8 will overtake iPhone to move into second, they are positioned to overtake Blackberry next year. When windows phone is behind android in no. 2 (barring google being sued by so many companies that android becomes a drain on their bottom line, and they have to start charging), every pc and tablet is running windows 8 and your tv says Microsoft, Sony won’t matter, and they will go the way of the commodore. The future says Microsoft, whether you like it or not, so get used to everything you own coming out of Redmond, if you think Apple and the Apple store revolutionized the marketplace, wait till you see how Microsoft handles this integration. The gloves are off, Microsoft makes it’s own hardware now, so say goodbye to Sony, HP, and Lenovo as we know them, this is the Microsoft Decade. Lest we forget quaint trips down memory lane like Netscape, Playstation 2, and AOL, no one wins against Microsoft, and the one that can, well Apple is suing google into oblivion across the world. Microsoft has started getting involved in patent infringement cases, and google is going to lose, because in the end, the only thing google makes is a search algorithm and lousy hardware no one wants. As soon as you have to pay for the android on your phone (as apple and MS developers do, which is coming soon, or android drains google’s cash), android is history. Welcome to the modern world, hate all you like, you’ll still be (and probably are right now) using Microsoft products, and until someone comes up with a good alternative to Windows (if you say Linux then you’re living in 1999) you have no choice, and to quote the borg Resistence is Futile!

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