They beat the world record of 3D Mark with 4 GeForce GTX 980

The large capacity of these cards overclock, accompanied by the powerful Intel Core i7 – 5960 X and its 8-core enabled get the highest score to date in the FireStrike test.

39.862, those are the points that have gotten members (Smoke & 12) team OCLab in the latest 3DMark test FireStrike. This score places them as world leaders in the ranking of this famous benchmark.

To achieve this, have used a processor Intel Core i7 – 5960 X with its 8 cores and 16 threads accompanied by nothing more and nothing less that 4 980 GeForce GTX running in QUAD-SLI, all of them with a few frequencies of 1749 MHz for the GPU and 8.392 MHz for a memoir, an overclock than significant, taking into account that the frequencies of series are 1,216 MHz and 7,000 MHz respectively.

GeForce GTX 980

We’ll see how long when their record will lasts, we should not forget that the launch of the GTX 980 is very recent and possibly still can benefit them more with new custom models and new drivers.

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