The Xbox One headset is here

Aquí están los auriculares de la Xbox One

What you see in the picture is the official wireless gaming headset for Microsoft’s new console, the Xbox One.

Its simple design is not too different from the Xbox 360’s; it features speaker and microphone, volume control and a mute button connecter to the console’s controller.

The oficial headset will not be only one, though, since others have already been announced, like Turtle Beach’s, as well as some other devices for the Xbox One such as Polk Audio’s speakers or the Mad Catz controller, just to name a few.

Some may think that the console’s price (500 USD / Euros) would mean Microsoft would offer a better headset tan the one that will be included with the console. We’ll suppose it will simply get the job done, without offering an extraordinary sound quality. If you want ‘a little extra’ you’ll have to spend a few more bucks.

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