The price of DRAM memories will keep increasing in next months

During recent years, DRAM memories have been consistently inexpensive, but manufacturers have reacted to this and this will soon change. During the first three months of this year, the prices of DRAM memories increased by 20 %, compared to the same months last year.

The manufacturers were on a delicate position, since their revenues were too small, and to avoid the fate of Elpida (one of the biggest manufacturers of DRAM memories), a company that declared bankruptcy, they decided to lower the production to match their stocks with the actual demand of the market.

DRAM memories

After Elpida declared bankruptcy (and being bought by Micron), the main DRAM manufacturers became Micron, Hynx y Samsung. They have adapted their productions levels to the current needs to maximize their earnings.

During the first three months of the year, prices have increased by 22%, compared with 2012’s prices, and during the second trimester the prices increased by 42%, compared with the prices of 2012. This trend is expected to continue during the next months, reaching increases of 50 % during the third trimester of the year, and 46 % during the last. This year, the shipping of DRAM memories will be reduced by 8%, but the sells will see an increase of 28%. During 2014, the price of these devices is expected to keep increasing.

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