The portable console NVIDIA Shield 2 could arrive on July 22.

After the scarce success of the first portable console of the Brand, the Shield NVIDIA, the manufacturer would apparently decide to completely change its mentality for the successor, which will arrive on the 22nd of this same month of July according to the main rumors that circulate around the web. This new mentality of NVIDIA for its Shield 2 video console would convert it in a convertible 2 in 1 tablet, that is, it will be a Gamer tablet as well as a notebook.

These new rumors that circulate around the main gossipers of the web, claim that the “Shield Tablet” that we saw listed on the GCF web, equipped with the SoC NVIDIA Tegra K1, would be also a notebook, that is, that we could use the device as a 2 in 1, tablet and a laptop, although with an Android operating System. If these rumors are true, they would certainly give NVIDIA’s portable console great versatility and flexibility, features that were lacking in the previous version and that would allow to use it for much more than games, like web surfing, social networking and a long etc.

As we commented at the beginning, the rumors also point towards NVIDI launching the Shield 2 next Tuesday 22 of July, a date that seems all to close for the company not to show any signs yet, unless the want to give us a surprise (which wouldn’t be much of a surprise now that we know the rumors). In short, as always, we will have to wait for the company to make the official announcement, being as all we have in our hands for now is only gossip.

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