The new Portable SSD from Samsung reaches TeraByte capacity

Solid state memories have allowed reducing the sizes of storage devices to unthinkable levels till a few years ago. Currently we have a thick 7mm SSD in SATA format and even in much smaller formats such as the M.2 or mSATA. This makes it possible to provide more capacity and speed to compact devices such as laptops, but this also opens the door to creating external storage units with small sizes and speeds that would be unattainable with mechanical drives.

Samsung SSD

The new Samsung SSD T1 are a series of external SSD with capacities of 256, 512 and 1TB that are noted for offering speeds up to 450 MB/s via its USB 3.0, practically the theoretical limit that can be achieved with this type of connector.

Inside 9.2 x 53.2 x 71 mm case you will find stacked 3D memory cells as the ones we could see in the SSD 850 models. It also has an AES 256-bit encryption system.

Its price will be 600 dollars for the 1TB model, 300 dollars for the 512 GB model and 180 dollars for the smaller model of 256 GB capacity.

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