The new AMD Catalyst 14.8 WHL drivers are now available

The new AMD Catalyst 14.8 WHL drivers are now available (14.201.1008-140812a-175109C) are now available for download, although sadly there aren’t available patch notes yet since AMD hasn’t put them on their webpage. These new drivers are signed and approved by Microsoft to work with Windows 7 and Windows 8.1.

There is an interesting conversation over these drivers on the Guru3D forum (where these drivers have been posted for the first time) given that there aren’t any patch notes. In the beginning we thought these we drivers only for APUs (since AMD announced this), but it has been determined that they affect desktop graphic cards (besides confirming that it works well on Linux). We have to mention that all users have commented that it works well.

For example, one user tested the performance on his Radeon HD 7970 with Metro Redux getting a noticeable increase to FPS regarding the drivers 14.7 RC3. The minimum FPS increase is from 44 to 51, the average from 69 to 71, with the maximum going from 134 to 139 FPS. It’s not that it is a substantial increase in performance, but it is noticeable (especially because it improves 7 FPS at minimum), this is a lot.

AMD Catalyst 14.8 WHL drivers

Personally we will wait for AMD to make an officially publish the patch notes, but if you don’t want to wait, following will be a link to AMD’s webpage do you can download them.

AMD Catalyst 14.8 WHQL Driver.

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