The new Acer XR341 combines Gsync, 34 inch curved screen

You should go get your piggy bank because this monitor won’t be cheap. 1200 euros when it arrives to Spain this July. It can seem pricy but we are not talking about a regular monitor. Its 34 inch curved panel supports QHD resolutions of 3440×1440 points with IPS technology. As if that is not enough, it is one of the few Gsync monitors this size which sport more input connections than the Displayport. It supports Displayport 1.2 and HDMI (and even though it was not specified in the press release, we believe it’s HDMI 2.0) plus a 3.0 USB hub which can charge smartphones and tablets.

Acer XR341

It has a few tweaks for the “gamers”, such as the “crosshair” in screen or a red ambient light that changes according to our PC’s FPS rate. The design is certainly impressive and to anyone with enough money and an Nvidia graphics card this is a dream. A true object of desire.

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