The latest in computers uses Intel’s 5th generation processors

We are perfectly aware that technology is moving at a fast pace, and computers are the best example of how much a single device can drastically change in a matter of years, or even months.

The new generation of Intel processors, the 5th one to be more specific, is already on the lead within the latest PC arrivals on Amazon. We are going to tell you what novelties they come with and how the technology behind this new PCs running i3, i5 and i7 processors has evolved.

Tick, tock

A microprocessor or processor is like the “brain” of a PC or computing device. It is responsible of running programs and arithmetic and logic instructions. With each new generation, their size is reduced, the number of transistors increases, their power consumption is reduced and their extra capabilities are increased (graphics, new allowed instructions).

Intel established a model called “Tick-Tock” years ago. This model is employed to identify the new generation processor (which are released to market every 12-18 months). The “Tick” processor are improved versions and smaller than their previous generations, and the “Tock” processors use new micro-architectures that will define the future.

This year we have with us the fifth generation of Intel Core processor, which in this case is a “Tick” generation that uses 14 nanometer big transistors and is called “Broadwell”. The new Intel Core processor are a renewed and tuned version of the previous generation called “Haswell”.

This is the 5th Intel Core generation

The objective of this 5th Intel Core generation is to offer greater efficiencycompared to its previous version – but with a smaller size.

The new chips come with up to 1,300 million transistor inside. Their surface is reduced to 82 squared mm, 37% less than the 131 squared mm from the previous generation. In terms of consumption, they need 28W and 15W in the most efficient models.

Another of its characteristics is that they feature integrated graphic cards called Intel HD Graphics 5500, Intel HD Graphics 6000 and Intel Iris Graphics 100m which vary according to the processor. They have a 22% improved performance compared to their previous version, support DirectX 11.2, OpenGL 4.3 and Open CL 2.0. They also support 4K/UHD displays, Intel WiDi and improved coding formats. They are also prepared for the arrival of DirectX 12, which will happen along 2015.

A leap forward

In addition to all this efficiency, size and performance improvements, Intel Core’s 5th processor generation also includes some other exclusive technologies. For instance, it supports Intel’s 3D RealSense cameras which monitor our actions; it also includes a voice assistant, new 802.11ac network controllers, WiDi technology and SmartSound. Although, the inclusion or not of each one of this features will depend largely on the PC manufacturer.

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