The GTX 760 are here: good performance and price for mid-level units


The GTX 760

NVIDIA has officially released the GTX 760, just in time to be accompanied by a lot of new different models from brands like Gigabyte, EVGA and ASUS, for example. Each one of these models has a special feature that sets it apart from others, like, for example, a higher level of high frequency trading or better heat sinks. Today, however, we’ll focus on NVIDIA’s new model.

The GTX 760

The GTX 760


  • 1,152 shaders or CUDA cores.
  • 96 TMUs (texturing units).
  • 32 ROPs.
  • 256-bit bus.
  • 2 GB of GDDR5.
  • 980 MHz-1033 MHz, normal mode and turbo, on the GPU.
  • 6 GHz in memory.

The GTX 760


Taking a quick look at its specs we can notice right away it offers, without over clocking, a performance very similar to the GTX 670’s without, a 340-Euro graphics card. This is excellent and without a doubt makes the GTX 760 the best option for mid-high-end computers, since its price, according to Nvidia, will be around 250 USD.

Like we already said, it is now available worldwide, but you must have in mind it may take a few days to arrive to you depending on your location.

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