The frequencies of the new NVIDIA GTX 980 Ti were revealed: its performance will be similar to a Titan-X

Yesterday we presented you the first images of the NVIDIA GTX 980 Ti, but today there have been more leaks, since from Hardware Battle there appeared a GPU-Z capture to show us more about this new model.

In the GPU-Z capture we can see a GPU at 1,000 MHz, the GPU Boost to 1,076 MHz and a memory frequency of 1,753 MHz (7,012 MHz effective in GDDR5), the data bus of 384-bit is confirmed, the 2816 CUDA Cores and 6GB of memory.


All this will make the performance of the GTX 980 Ti to be very close to what is the current GTX Titan-X, but at a much lower price, as it’s estimated that its price will be at least 30% less than the value of a GTX Titan-X.

Besides this, NVIDIA already approved the development of custom models made by the assemblers, so surely we will see models from Asus, MSI, EVGA, Zotac, among others, including the design of their own models and factory overclocked versions.

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