The final Blue-Ray Ultra HD specifications

The Blue-Ray discs won the final battle to become the last generation standard optical format. However, its implementation doesn’t not come close to other formats such as DVD’s or CD’s back in the day. The hard drives and USBs price reduction or the cloud boom have been more than enough factors to relegate the Blue0Ray to a very marginal level storage-wise. Blu-Ray has had more use in the audiovisual sector, movies or TV series distribution to be more specific.

The Blu-Ray release concurred with the popularization of Full-HD resolutions, however the future now belongs to the so-called 4K, or better known as Ultra HD. And as a last resort, in the irremediable path to extinction, the Blu-Ray Disc Association has released the specifications of the so-called “Ultra HD Blu-Ray”, a variation of the optical format that allows recording and reproduction of UHD movies, i.e., 3840 x 2160 pixels of resolution and a storage capacity up to 100 GB per disc.

It also allows an improvement in the supported color range, videos with higher update frequency and HDR video support; something that we already saw in the HDMI 2.0a and that is postulated as one of the most relevant technologies for the near future.

The UHD Blu-Ray specification compatible media players will also be compatible with the previous Blu-Ray, but as you might expect, the old readers and discs will not be compatible with this new technology.

The arrival of the first compatible devices is expected this summer. We will see if it can make itself a place in the market, competing with alternatives such as video via streaming.

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