The Corsair AX1500i receives the official certification 80Plus Titanium

We already talked about this Corsair PSU when they showed it at the CES 2014 in Las Vegas. The Corsair AX1500i hasn’t been released, but it was described as the new flagship of the brand, and it’s no wonder, because it just got the Efficiency 80Plus Titanium certification, the highest possible. Corsair said the AX1500i is the most advanced PSU on the planet, and seems they were not just bluffing.

This power supply is 100% modular and has been tested by the official organization 80Plus. It obtained an efficiency of 91.23% under 10% load, 92.63% under 20%, and results of 94.04% and 91.34% during 50% and 100% loads, respectively. As you can see, this PSU showed a performance of over 91% efficiency in all scenarios, and that it has been tested with the US standard 115V AC. In theory, connected to the European grid (230V AC) it should be even more efficient.

Corsair AX1500i

Corsair ensured this AX1500i is able to power a system consisting of four AMD Radeon 290x R9, a 4-way CrossFireX configuration, and an FX-9590 processor (remember it has a TDP of 220W) without any problems, and we believe it given its power and efficiency.

The Corsair AX1500i should hit the stores sometime this year, and it will be available for $450.

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