Tesoro Tizona Elite and More in the Computex of Taipei

Tesoro will release new products directed towards the gaming world, and will announce the new technology used in its mechanic keyboards during the Computex IT Show that will take place in Taipei between the 3rd and 7th of June. Among other things, Tesoro will present its new Tizona Elite G2NFL, the “first 80% mechanical keyboard in the world”.

This Tizona Elite will have full LED lighting and will have a removable numpad, the first in the market with complete lighting and programmable keys. In addition, the company will also introduce the Excalibur G7NL, an economic programmable key with integrated memory to save macros, and with LED lighting.

Tesoro Tizona Elite

Furthermore, it will launch a new edition of the popular Shrike V2 mouse, which will have new colors, finishes and specifications. The Tesoro Gandiva will also receive a revamp that will improve its characteristics most sought after by users at the time of its launch at the beginning of the year.

Kuven Pro is an advanced version of the Kuven headset, and will incorporate real 5.1 speakers. Olivant are the first in-ear headsets of the brand, and both will be present in Computex.

Lastly, they will also announce their first gaming boxes under the Tesoro Casing brand name.

We will keep you updated once these products are introduced in June 3rd in Taipei.

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