Review: Sandisk Extreme PRO 240GB SSD


Some renowned flash memory manufacturers also produce some of the best SSDs you can find. SanDisk is a good example of this with a varied catalog, and you can also find really attractive prices. The one we present you today is their last high-end creation for SATA interface.

The Sandisk Extreme PRO is a lightweight format disc but it has a powerful controller that incorporates a new system cache to maintain solid performances of the unit over its lifetime. It’s a unit with a rare, easy to manage security for the user and excellent for improving the performance of all kinds of systems, especially laptops.

Sandisk Extreme PRO 240GB

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SanDisk to buy Fusion-io for 1100 million dollars.

NAND Memory specialist, SanDisk, announced to buy Fusion-io company, specialized in flash PCI-Express storage, for 1100 million dollars.

Fusion-io debuted on the market on 2007, it stands out for being the first company introducing professional PCI-Express interface storage. With this acquisition, SanDisk pretend to firm up its presence on the professional storage market, being able to offer solution to datacenters and super computing.


“Fusion-io seedup our efforts to being able to create flash data centers, helping companies to a better data management on a high volume data job at lower costs” says Sanjay Mehrotra, president and CEO at SanDisk, “User will benefit too from Fusion-io now being part of SanDisk, since we will be capable to offer PCI-Express interface products soon”.

This arrangement between SanDisk and Fusion-io has transcendence, for its professional market, and it will influence company’s consumer market too, now that SanDisk will have all Fusion-io’s technologies, specially important those related to PCI-Express storage solutions now booming, since this eliminates all limitation from SATA interface trying to reach high transfer rates, being able to offer a better price relationship per Gb solutions.