Samsung presents the 850 EVO SDD

Samsung has announced the release of the new Solid State Units which will be replacing the 840 series and with the new generation of 3D V-AND memories used for the first time on the 850 PRO. Some chips that can surpass the density limit that the flat NAND architecture is currently facing in conventional flash memories, producing some speed, endurance and energy efficiency improvements.

The 850 EVO SDD’s are available in sizes of 120 GB, 250 GB, 500 GB, 750 GB and 1.000 GB and with prices starting going from $100 up to $500 for the 1TB model.

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Samsung issued a fix firmware to solve degraded performance of SSD 840 Evo

Last month, we informed about an error that users began to notice on the popular Samsung SSD drives 840 Evo. A fix of the problem, which manifests a significant decrease in reading performance of the files saved a long time ago, was promised by the manufacturer to be released in the middle of October. The company successfully met the deadline and the fix is already released for download; Samsung has also stated what the cause of the problem was.

The cause of the reduced speed of reading of the old files is probably a software calibration status of each NAND cell, so it is most likely a matter of the firmware. In the course of time the cells undergo a change of their physical characteristics (voltage) and the algorithm readers must adapt to it.

Firmware of the disk 840 Evo wasn’t apparently set accordingly to this logic and the result was that the control unit, when it was reading cells with older files, was detecting errors and so it had to needlessly repeat the attempts, which ultimately lead to the decrease in speed. The new firmware (EXT0CB6Q) should eliminate all of the mentioned problems with the calibration and should also return the expected performance to the storage.

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Samsung introduces new triple-layer SSD EVO

They’re not exactly new, since some of the 840 series models already featured them, but what’s new is their new 1 TB capacity.

This new series of hard drives falls under the 840 series, so it actually shares a lot of its features with the devices of this series, already well known to many of us. Currently, we have the 840 series, with a TLC NAND Flash memory system, moderate performance and aggressive prices; and the 840 Pro series, with MLC technology and much better performance.

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