OCZ Z-Drive 6000, 3000 MB/s pure speed

In order to achieve this speeds, the new and striking creation from OCZ uses the NVM Express 1.1b technology, which allows to use the PCI Express bus (PCIe 3.0 x4 in this case). This OCZ Z-Drive 6000 NVMe uses a SFF-8639 type connector with hot plug connection.

OCZ Z-Drive 6000

This way it is possible to achieve reading speeds higher than 3000 MB/s and writing speeds higher than 2000 MB/s. Also, if we talk about performance desktop access, we have an incredible reading 700,000 IOPS and writing 175,000 IOPS. All this with a PCM Sierra Princeton controller with OCZ’s own firmware.

Its capacity goes from 800 GB up to 3,2 TB, although OCZ is expecting to release soon a model with 6,4 TB capacity, that, without surpassing the 2,5 inches, but with a 15 mm thickness, this as thick as we are used to see in conventional SSDs.

However, by now you might have guessed that this product is aimed at the business market, where the size is not a problem, as is its price, which is still unknown and will likely be as astronomical as its speed.

OCZ creates an SSD PCI-express of 3.2 TB of capacity.

Since Toshiba bought OCZ for 35 million dollars after they bankrupted, the new division hasn’t stop launching new things in the market. This time is an SSD with PCI-express interface with, no more or less than, 3,2TB of capacity even though, as you can imagine, the cost won’t be for anyone: it will cost 6.533 dollars.

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