NVIDIA Shield Android TV, release

Google I/O. NVIDIA used the celebration of conference with Google’s Developers to put out in the market the NVIDIA Shield Android TV, a device for videogames execution and multimedia playback, while in the middle of a battle for the living rooms.

This set-top-box for the Android TV platform is powered by a SoC Tegra X1, the most powerful of mobility with an 8 core 64 bit processor and an NVIDIA graphics with 256 CuDa cores and a new generation Maxwell architecture.

It has 3 Gbytes of RAM and is offered in 2 storage capacities. A 16 GB and a 500 GB version. Its connectivity is good despite its compact size (25 x 21 x 13 mm). It has Gigabit Ethernet, Wu-Fi ac 2×2 MIMO with double band, Bluetooth 4.1, 2 USB 3.0, micro USB 2.0, HDMI 2.0 output, microSD card slot and IR receptor compatible with remote controls such as the Logitech Harmony.

NVIDIA Shield Android TV

The device includes applications for Netflix, Hulu Plus, YouTube, PLEX and Sling TV, and is awaiting other applications such as HBO Now. The users will also be able to buy and rent content from Google Video and Music. Shield can play 4k content as the one available in Netflix, although it will require a steady 25 Mbps for such resolution.

It is compatible with the NVIDIA Grid game platform (free till June) and GameStream, Google Cast and of course, all Android games.

NVIDIA Shield Android TV includes a console, a game controller, an HDMI cable and a power cable. It is already available in the U.S for $199 in the 16 Gbytes version, while the 500 Gbytes version is $299.

The portable console NVIDIA Shield 2 could arrive on July 22.

After the scarce success of the first portable console of the Brand, the Shield NVIDIA, the manufacturer would apparently decide to completely change its mentality for the successor, which will arrive on the 22nd of this same month of July according to the main rumors that circulate around the web. This new mentality of NVIDIA for its Shield 2 video console would convert it in a convertible 2 in 1 tablet, that is, it will be a Gamer tablet as well as a notebook.

These new rumors that circulate around the main gossipers of the web, claim that the “Shield Tablet” that we saw listed on the GCF web, equipped with the SoC NVIDIA Tegra K1, would be also a notebook, that is, that we could use the device as a 2 in 1, tablet and a laptop, although with an Android operating System. If these rumors are true, they would certainly give NVIDIA’s portable console great versatility and flexibility, features that were lacking in the previous version and that would allow to use it for much more than games, like web surfing, social networking and a long etc.

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Nvidia Shield gets a Price cut and its release date is now confirmed

The Nvidia Shield will hit the US stores in July 27. This device with a 5-inch 720p multitouch screen and the Android Jelly Bean operative system features a Tegra 4 chip capable of running even the highest-end games, and is also able to play your games from your PC with an Nvidia GeForce graphics card via streaming.

Its official price was always 350 USD, which received lots or criticism for being too high. Now, NVIDIA has announced a price cut of 50 USD, making the final price of the console 300 USD. Of course, those who pre-ordered it won’t have to pay the initial 350 USD Nvidia was charging merely a few days ago.

Nvidia Shield

NVIDIA Shield will cost $350 and will be sent starting June.

We finally have official news about NVIDIA Shield with prices, dates and technical features. NVIDIA has published some more information on its blog, for all those who were anxious to know more about this project that seemed like it could take forever.

Project Shield

The price will be $350, something that was expected and, although it isn’t exactly cheap it doesn’t make Shield seem unreachable. Preorders can be made starting May 24 and NVIDIA says they’ll start shipping late June.

Once you have the Shield, this is what you’ll find inside. The processor is a beast called Tegra 4. It has 7 GPU nuclei, 4 CPU nuclei and 2 GB RAM. We have the command that looks like the Xbox’s and has the same buttons. The screen is touch, 5 inches and with 720p resolution.

The sound will come out of speakers centered in the grooves and are supposed to be better than the ones we have in today’s handheld devices. Connectivity will come with Wifi 802.11n 2X2 MIMO and the OS will be Android Jelly Bean without any customizing layers. Then we have 16GB internal memory, GPS, Bluetooth 3.0, mini-HDMI output, micro USB port, MicroSD card slot, a 3.5 jack and all in a weight of 579 grams.

So, for now we only have dates and prices for the United States and Canada. There still isn’t any information about its availability in Europe or other places so we’ll see what NVIDIA states. We’ll have to try and see how it provides but it looks like it’s a lot of power compared to the quality of games that are now on Android. This will only skyrocket if there are good games and for now, developers prefer focusing on iOS and then on Android.