MSI Gaming 24GE 2QE 4K-002US Desktop Review

As announced last March, we have with us the All-In-One (AIO) MSI 24GE 2QE, a model that will replace the AG240 with some changes beyond a graphics card update.


Equipped with an Intel Core i7 4720HQ (4 cores / 8 threads) processor at 2.60 / 3.60 GHz and with Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M (2GB GDDR5) dedicated graphics, it also has 16 GB of RAM DDR3 1600 MHz memory and a combination of 256GB SSD and 1TB HDD. The image quality is already taken care of with an excellent Full HD IPS screen 23.6" (touchscreen feature optional) in dimensions of 583.6 x 434.3 x 32.4 mm and weighing less than 10 kg.

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MSI expands its All in One catalog for gamers with new graphics and 3K and 4K screens

We already know the line of All in One MSI computers for the gamer world, which are hard drives with embedded screen that integrate high-performance components, in order to have a compact device capable of running the latest games.

To this family it has been added three new models with new features, the MSI AG270 3K, MSI MSI 24GE IPS and the MSI 24GE 4K. All of them make use of Intel Core i5 and Core i7 processors and the new NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M and GTX 970M graphics cards.

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MSI GS60 GHOST PRO 4K-079 Gaming Laptop Review


I’ve been using 4k screens since they became fairly affordable over the past year. During this time I’ve missed my old 4K display more than what I’ve been enjoying the other 4k. The reasons are partly personal and partly technical, as the specs requirements of a 4K display are remarkable, both in terms of interface and graphics power.


This feature introduced in portable format seems to me even more complicated, if we take into account that the GS60 is a laptop that still relies on Nvidia Optimus, which is more a liability rather than an asset in the new generations of Nvidia graphics chips. This unit, therefore, gives way to doubts from the beginning.

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MSI GE60 Apache-629 Gaming Laptop Review

The friends who are familiar with the MSI gaming laptops must know that among many of the MSI product lines the GE series is a gaming laptop whose price is the easiest to be accepted by common people, though a little inferior to the GT and GS series in configuration, the higher price –performance ratio makes gamers "have to love it", here we will introduce the – MSIGE60, a very excellent MSI gaming laptop with the price within $ 1000.

MSI GE60 Apache-629 Specs:

  • Intel Core_i7 4710HQ 2.5 GHz
  • 1024 GB 7200 rpm Hard Drive
  • NVIDIA Geforce GTX850M with 2GB DDR5 vram
  • 15.6-Inch Screen (1920x 1080 pixels)
  • 2 x USB2.0, 2 x USB3.0, 1 x HDMI, DVD SuperMulti
  • Windows 8.1


With brushed metal cover, the texture is improved

MSI GE60 Apache-629

The MSI laptop has had a greater change in the past two years, not only the design of the appearance but also the choice of materials has been recognized by many consumers, the MSI GE60 is no exception. The GE60 is an upgraded version of the older GE60, it continues the main features of the MSI this year in terms of design, chooses a more sturdy metal in the material of the outer lid, and can protect the screen better. In addition, the MSI GE60 uses a brushed metal design technology on the outer lid, at the same time the design of the strip lines gives the outer lid more sense of flow lines.

MSI GE60 Apache-629

The GE60 also puts into distinctive red waist design elements around the body, so that the overall black body no longer looks dull, which produces an echo effect with the Red Dragon logo on the cover.

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ASUS GTX 980 vs MSI GTX 980 vs Gigabyte GTX 980 vs zotac gtx 980 Comparison, Which one is better?

The latest released flagship graphics card of GeForce GTX 980 by NVIDIA, with Maxwell architecture, has the biggest feature that it completely breaks the record of the performance per watt of the flagship graphics card. With the emergence of these two cards, the structure and competition mode of the traditional flagship graphics card market will change, the era of players focusing only on the performance rather than the experience of the game may have come to an end, and the era that the graphics card again becomes a tool of enjoying games is coming.

The performance per watt means a lot for graphics cards, higher performance per watt represents not only a lower threshold of the use and maximized unit performance, but also means that players do not need to care about such negative factors as noise, high temperature, high power consumption, game lag and even game settings and so on, which are complicated but seen as certain symbols by part of the traditional DIY players, so that they can pay more energy and attention to the process of the game.

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MSI GT70 DOMINATOR PRO Gaming Laptop Review (GTX 880M)


MSI GT70 is a laptop without compromises on the performance level. As you could have imagined, this affects heavily portability and handiness, making it more of a desktop replacement solution rather than a product to use in mobility. Thanks to the Intel Sharkbay i7 processor and to the 880M GXT, on the GT70 nimbly run all of the titles currently out on the market, but this will unlikely be enough to justify the price of 2500+ dollars. Whoever, though, has this kind of economic means and is looking for a top solution with captivating design, will find in the MSI something to sink their teeth into.

Well-finished Appearance

Just a look is enough to understand that the MSI GT70 2PE Dominator Pro is not a laptop like any other. A computer, from hardware to excellent performances, must have a captivating design and a strong appearance. The squared shapes and the opaque black chassis make it at the same time gutsy and sophisticated, avoiding the competition’s sparkling LEDs and colors too flashy and unscrupulous. The material choice, mostly plastic, returns a great feeling of solidity and allows an efficient heat dissipation from the rear grills, avoiding the under keyboard hardware from overheating. The LCD display with a diagonal of 17.3 inches is enough to give you an idea of the MSI laptop majestic dimensions.

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MSI launches the first AIO with the NVIDIA GTX 980M and GTX 970M

The launch just a few weeks ago of the new NVIDIA graphics cards with the new Maxwell architecture in their portable version, the new GeForce 900M Series, debuting this series with the new NVIDIA GTX 980M and GTX 970M, even though the 900M are mainly created for high-end gaming laptop, there are also other computers that have taken advantage of the performance and new technologies of the 900M, a clear example is the new All-in-One from MSI Gaming AG270 2QE and 2QC, this being the first AIO with the new GeForce 900M Series.


This new all-in-one computer from MSI is preparing to be a computer that is able to meet the expectations of any Gamer, since its been designed for the e-Sports, thus why the configuration of the MSI AG270 will allow us to play any game in the best way possible.

As such the processor that the models AIO AG270 will have in its two versions will come with a high performance processor, in this case an Intel Core i7 processor, a processor of 4 cores and 8 threads, which will offer a great performance in order to fluent play games that require the most power.

The graphics section of MSI AIO Gaming AG270 can be chosen between either the NVIDIA GTX 980M, which will come in the AG270 2QE model and as such the other model 2QC will come with the younger sister, the GTX 970M, with both models we will be able to play all the current games with high quality configurations, of which we will visualize in the large 27” screen.

The speed of these AIO will come due to the ability to configure up to 16GB of DDR3 memory, speed that we will be able to increase in these computers by being able to configure a RAID 0 of 3 SSD discs connected by mSATA, being able to reach a speed of 1500 MB/s.

At the moment we are unaware of the costs of the different configurations of the MSI AIO AG270 2QW, its expected launch will take place in the following weeks.

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Review: MSI GS60 Ghost ultra slim Portable Gaming Laptop

A few months ago we got to know the slimmest portable gaming laptop on the market, the MSI GS70 and now MSI has launched a new version GS60 with a 15.6” screen. The GS60 Ghost was developed from a well – designed predecessor but has inherited some problems that must be corrected, still we have high expectations for this laptop.


The majority of us are no longer satisfied with power. Now we want stylish, lightweight, and compact portable devices that have a minimum of noticeable playing capability. In the GS60 we will find most of these requirements. It has a slim light-weight modern look that makes it a great portable gaming device.

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MSI is the first announcing the GTX Titan Z Business Model

Long we have been without talking about the controversial NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan Z dual core, right? This evening we received an email from MSI announcing its business model, which ultimately defies the certainty of whether it will be available for sale or not.

MSI uses the slogan "Two GPUs for an unbelievable graphics card", and are not far from reality. As you know, the GTX Titan Z makes use of two GK110 GPUs running an internal SLI, with nothing less than 12GB of GDDR5 dedicated memory, and its price will be around $3,000, a fact that NVIDIA justified with 8 TFlops of computing power. Originally, this graphics card should have been released on April 29, but was delayed until May 8, and it was not until today that a manufacturer, in this case MSI, has announced the official launch.

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MSI, great level of AIOs for games

MSI continues to promote games and equipment along with a wide line of powerful laptops also compact “all in one” as an alternative to conventional desktop machines.

MSI gaming AIO PC

The MSI AG2712 is the latest presented, based on a matte screen with 27 inches diagonal and native Full HD resolution, with anti-deflective and anti-reflective treatment, and anti-flicker technologies that stabilizes the electrical current to prevent flickering and reduce visual fatigue after long hours of play.

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