Razer BlackWidow Chroma Clicky Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

Razer keep giving it all with its gaming peripherals in full color, with the Chroma series. In past reviews, we analyzed its Kraken 7.1 headphones and one of its mouses, the deathadder, now is the turn of the keyboard.

Razer Blackwidow Chroma, along with a Deathhadder are the two emblems and standards of the brand of gaming peripherals. But in a crowded market with gaming products and mechanical keyboards and cherry keys,

Razer with its Blackwidow has bet on its own switches, as we’ll discuss later, something that seems to have liked among the most enthusiastic and has made the decision between models and brands a little harder.

To know it a little more in detail, we’ll have a quick look at its features.

  • Two pressure options for the keys of own manufacture, green in 50g and what we have for analysis or orange 45g, quietest.
  • Up to 10 keys of simultaneous pressing
  • Hub for USB and direct audio on the keyboard
  • 5 buttons for macros
  • All keys are 100% reprogrammable, through Synapse.

As we see at first glance, as it happened with the Chroma version of Deathadder, we didn’t find any difference between the features of this new version and the previous one, both as blackwidow and blackwidow ultimate.

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Thermaltake presents Poseidon Z keyboard with its own mechanical switches

With its premium finishing utilizing aluminum for its construction, TteSPORTS, Thermaltake’s gaming division, has presented its new mechanical keyboard Poseidon Z.

The switches it includes are “certified” by Thermaltake itself and will be able in color brown. Possibly its switches are equivalent to those of cherry MX brown’s. Each key has blue backlighting. It includes 10 keys for customizable macros, with 5 profiles to store up to 50 macro combinations.

Thermaltake Keyboard

It counts with two USB 3.0 ports in the back and a cable with a length of 1, 8 meters. The internal memory for macros we mentioned earlier is of 64 KB, so you can save key combinations in its own memory.

Another striking detail is the incorporation of a DAC amplifier for headphones and microphone output, something we’re not used to see in keyboards.

Thermaltake Keyboard

SteelSeries introduces its new QS1 mechanism in Apex M800 keyboard

The new Apex M800 keyboard, with RGB lighting and a price of 199 Euros, is the first keyboard that hides inside the mechanism developed by SteelSeries that introduces more speed and a central LED, plus an acrylic chassis that improves the brightness of each key.

The new mechanism is called QS1 and has a central LED, a return spring and a lateral actuator with 3mm of stroke, activation at only 1.5mm of stroke and a resistance of 45 grams that achieves a fairly light touch.

QS1 mechanism

This new mechanism, according to SteelSeries, allows more speed, maintaining good levels of response for the player. Its central LED lighting lets it enhance each key and its transparent frame enhances the LED effect.

The new Apex M800 is the first SteelSeries keyboard with this mechanism but, according to the manufacturer, you will probably soon see other new models on a more affordable range.

Cougar launches new aluminum mechanical keyboard 700K

The structure of the new Cougar 700k is made of aluminum, material which Cherry MX mechanical switches are integrated. These switches can be chosen from 4 variants, the Black, Brown, Blue or Red depending of the tact we seek and majority uses that we’re going to give it.

Cougar 700K

Inside it hides an ARM Cortex-M0 processor of 32 bits, along with 512 KB of internal memory. These components allow you to have macros functions and customization of commands (6 programmable keys), as well as having a quick system for the repetition of the same, with options to repeat each command 1-8 times depending of what we prefer. We can save each configuration in 3 internal profiles.

Supports unlimited simultaneous keystrokes, a response time of 1 ms with 1.000 Hz polling rate and has a part to lay hands with a magnetic base that can be fixed where we prefer, besides the keys have an orange backlighting.

Corsair modifies the Vengeance K70 mechanical keyboard with new Cherry MX switches

The Corsair Vengeance K70 is a mechanical keyboard which is based on the Vengeance K90, but with programmable buttons and a more compact size. The first version of this keyboard kept the aluminum-made body and the Cherry MX Red switches.

The company wanted to give more options to potential customers, launching a new version with a more discreet black color and two kinds of switches to choose from: the Cherry MX Blue and Cherry MX Brown. The normal version with Cherry MX RED still exists.

Corsair K70

In regards to its performance, it has the same specs the original Vengeance K70 had, like a refresh rate of 1000 Hz, high precision system to avoid “ghost key presses”, and more. It also integrates hub of USB ports.

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