HP Pavilion x360, a convertible Broadwell moderately priced

HP is updating its range of notebooks to the Intel Broadwell platform, including the Pavilion x360 that provide access to their attractive line of convertible touchscreens at a moderate price.

The line is based on their signature x360 design that can offer the best of the mobile and tablet world in one product through a hinge system that can rotate the screen 360 degrees, offering different modes of uses, desktop, presentations or tablet.

HP Pavilion x360

The series includes models with screen 11, 13 and up to diagonal 15 inches. Among the models listed in the HP Store (coming in stock), we see a x360 Pavilion with a 13.3-inch screen, Core i3-5010U, HD 5500 graphics, 4GB of RAM and 500GB hard drive for 599 euros. A superior alternative offers 8 Gbytes of RAM and a Core i5-5200U processor 699 euros.

If you want this type of design but on a big screen, the HP Envy x360 offers a 15.6-inch screen with Core i7-5500U processor, 8GB of RAM and a hard disk with 1 Tbyte at a reference price of 899 euros.

We also hope that the HP Pavilion 11 x360 will arrive to US soon. A similar model but focused on mobility and autonomy, with 11-inch screen, and a Intel Core M 5Y10c processor. The base has 4 GB of RAM and 500 GB hard drive.

Finally, if you want the crown jewel you will have to jump to the Spectre x360 (they say it’s the best laptop ever created by HP) with the same base design of 360 degrees hinges but with an aluminum chassis, Core i7 Broadwell, a Samsung SSD of 512 Gbytes and 13.3-inch Quad HD screen.

HP Spectre x360: if Apple creates a convertible, they can draw inspiration from us

The HP Spectre x360 has been -by far- the best mobility computer from MWC 2015. It is a good example of the new generation of Ultrabooks that have been putting the MacBook Air from Apple on the ropes, who were the market leaders in the ultraportable market until recently.

Therefore, if Apple thinks someday to create a convertible they can now have where to draw inspiration from, because the HP Spectre x360 beats the Air in any comparison, from design, finish, to versatility and performance.

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HP Chromebook 14 review

HP, a classic hardware brand for Windows, has decided to embark on the Chromebook adventure with a series of laptops that stand out for their interesting combination of design, correct technical specifications and a great price. We have had the opportunity to test the new HP Chromebook 14 for a few weeks and these are our impressions.

HP Chromebook 14

Despite its price, the new HP Chromebook 14 does not give you any feelings of a "cheap computer". It was built with good quality plastics and a remarkable level of assembly, this is a portable and robust notebook, thanks to its 14-inch screen, and it allows you to work without missing a monitor. The panel, a TN type, offers a native resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and a more accurate quality for the niche it targets and considering also the price range in which it operates.

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Introducing the HP Pavilion x360, a convertible multimode PC

HP has announced the release of the new HP Pavilion x360, a convertible touchscreen PC that transforms the user experience with a 360 degree hinge that allows you to efficiently multitask. It can be placed in portable mode, in a triangle-like tent position, or simply be used as a tablet.

HP Pavilion x360

Whether you are working, relaxing on the couch or taking notes and sharing presentations in class, the HP Pavilion x360 is the perfect partner because it can be placed in three very different ways: laptop mode, tent mode or tablet.

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HP does not forget about the desktop PC market and releases two new high-performance Envy

Even though numerous experts have been predicting the abandon of desktop computers since several years ago, it’s still the sector of computing market in which you can obtain the maximum CPU power and without a doubt the best performance/price ratio of hardware and devices.



Despite releasing numerous portable devices, All-in-ones and tablets, HP has not forgotten about one of the markets with their largest presence and has released the new HP Envy Phoenix 800 and Envy 700, two desktop computers oriented to offer a superior performance to the alternatives for the office.

The Envy Phoenix 800 comes with a black case with red LEDs, we know it’ll feature a 4th generation Haswell Intel Processor and Nvidia graphics card, though the exact model of the latter is still unknown, which makes us think it will be a model of the new GTX 700 series. The basic model will be around 1100 USD, and it will hit the market on June 5th.

For its part, The Envy 700 (to the left in the picture) will allow the user to choose between different AMD or Nvidia graphics cards. Its CPU will also be an Intel Core Haswell. It will be released on June 5th as well, but its price will be considerably lower (around 600 USD), so the most basic model will likely feature more modest components.

I love my HP Envy x2

I have purchased the HP Envy x2 (in France where I am living) and love it.
My background : my brother has the Surface RT, my wife an iPad so I have extensive experience on both.

Several points pointed above that does not make sense for me :
– ATOM not done for gaming : This is one the funniest thing that I have read. How want to game on a tablet ?

I have a desktop computer with a QuadCore i750 overclocked, 16Go of RAM, a CUDA GPU (to take advantage of for Premiere Pro hardware acceleration), a SSD for the OS. with a 27″ screen I use that when I am making photos or videos. I do not want to make photoshop on a 10 or 11″ screen and really do not see who would like to !!! So far, the HP Envy is accepting everything I am throwing to. Surfing, email, chat… is working perfectly. The interface is very very fluid, as much as an iPad. Office 2013 (that I have installed) works perfectly. It is just working perfectly fine for 95% of the usage you would have on a screen of this size.
By the way, does an iPad offers a better gaming experience ? Is there another tablet better for game ? You must choose a gaming laptop!

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