GeForce GTX 980 Ti, information on the frequencies and scores at 3DMark.

The new Nvidia graphics card GTX 980 Ti is about to be released and some details have leaked in the past few days. According to a screenshot by GPU-Z and published on, it’s confirmed that they use a GPU GM200 with 2816 active CUDA cores and 6 GB of memory GDDR5.The bus remains 384 bit.

The card features a 1000 MHz frequency as a base and 1076 MHz GPU Boost modality like its sister model, the GTX Titan X, but the benefits of this new card is that partners will be able to personalize it: besides different heatsinks, we’ll see cards with much higher frequencies than what we normally do.

Memory will have the same frequency of the GTX Titan X, at a 7 GHz. At the moment, the only data we’re missing is the number of ROPs, but it should be around 96 like in the flagship model. HardwareBattle published the results of two tests at 3DMark; 14,071 points in Fire Strike and 29,444 points in Cloud Gate.

The price could be around 700 and 900 dollars. However these are only rumors. Nvidia doesn’t seem to be prone to releasing an aggressive price, at least at the beginning. Concerning the release date, it’s only a matter of days, but at the moment there is no NDA thanks to the publications and reviews.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M vs 860M benchmark, Specs Comparison

As far as I know, many people put off the time to buy a laptop in order to wait for the release of the GeForce GTX 960M, but to our disappointment, the 960M is essentially the same product as the 860M Maxwell (GTX 860M also have a Kepler version), which improves little in performance, only about 6% – about 8% or so, so it is recommended that you should not be misled by the new "9" thing when you buy a laptop, next we will introduce these two graphics cards in detail.

Specs comparison:

GTX 960M GTX 860M Maxwell
Chip GM107 GM107
Architecture Maxwell Maxwell
Shaders 640 640
Core clock base 1093 Mhz 1029 MHz
Core clock Turbo 1202 MHz 1097 MHz
Memory clock 2500 MHz 2500 MHz
Maximum VRAM 2GB 2GB / 4GB
Memory type GDDR5 GDDR5
Memory interface 128-bit 128-bit
Maximum Bandwidth 80GB/s 80GB/s

By the comparison of the specifications, we can learn that the GTX960m is essentially the same product as the GTX860 Maxwell, which has the same Shaders, Memory interface and Maximum Bandwidth except a certain improvement in frequency, because it is similar to the GTX860 Maxwell in specification, it results in very little improvement in its performance, according to the test of 3DMark 11 (P mode), the GTX 960M scored only 5300 points in graphics, while the GTX 860M scored 4800 points or so, so it has only improved by about 10.4%, but we all know that the GTX 860M has improved by about 40% in comparison with the previous generation the GTX 760M.

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A look at Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M, GTX 950M and 940m

In the most recent graphics drivers for notebook Nvidia GeForce graphics cards, there was found some information for these three graphics products that have not been officially announced so far, as we talk about the Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M, the Nvidia GeForce GTX 950M and Nvidia GeForce 940m.

NVIDIA_DEV.1347 = “NVIDIA GeForce 940M”

Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M (N16P-GX)

While its desktop variant (GTX 960) will arrive next Thursday, it’s the first time we heard something official about this model. Judging by the ID number we could be in front of a GPU based on GM107 silicon that could be formed of 640 CUDA Cores, 40 TMUs and 16 ROPs.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 950M (N16P-GT)

The GeForce GTX 950M would use the same GM107 GPU but would consist of 512 CUDA Cores, 32 TMUs and 16 ROPs on lower frequencies, as obviously this model will be the most popular of all for being present in notebooks at a very attractive price .

Nvidia GeForce 940m (N16S-GT-S)

The GeForce 940m is not even a part of the GTX series, even of the GT, so we could be in front of GM108 silicon formed with 384 CUDA Cores, 16 TMUs and 8 ROPs, perfect for multimedia environment and less demanding games.

ASUS GTX 980 vs MSI GTX 980 vs Gigabyte GTX 980 vs zotac gtx 980 Comparison, Which one is better?

The latest released flagship graphics card of GeForce GTX 980 by NVIDIA, with Maxwell architecture, has the biggest feature that it completely breaks the record of the performance per watt of the flagship graphics card. With the emergence of these two cards, the structure and competition mode of the traditional flagship graphics card market will change, the era of players focusing only on the performance rather than the experience of the game may have come to an end, and the era that the graphics card again becomes a tool of enjoying games is coming.

The performance per watt means a lot for graphics cards, higher performance per watt represents not only a lower threshold of the use and maximized unit performance, but also means that players do not need to care about such negative factors as noise, high temperature, high power consumption, game lag and even game settings and so on, which are complicated but seen as certain symbols by part of the traditional DIY players, so that they can pay more energy and attention to the process of the game.

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EK releases a water block for MSI GTX 970 Gaming 4G

EK Water Blocks, the manufacturer in Ljubljana (Slovenia), has announced the addition of a new complete water block for graphic cards, the EK-FC970 GTX TF5. EK-FC970 GTX TF5 is a complete water block created to cool the the MSI GeForce GTX 970 Gaming 4G graphic card by water.

The specialists in DIY cooling systems, as EK Water Blocks, have different water blocks to adjust the several graphic cards designs that assemblers release into the market. This is the case of EK-FC970 GTX TF5 which has been developed in collaboration with MSI.

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They beat the world record of 3D Mark with 4 GeForce GTX 980

The large capacity of these cards overclock, accompanied by the powerful Intel Core i7 – 5960 X and its 8-core enabled get the highest score to date in the FireStrike test.

39.862, those are the points that have gotten members (Smoke & 12) team OCLab in the latest 3DMark test FireStrike. This score places them as world leaders in the ranking of this famous benchmark.

To achieve this, have used a processor Intel Core i7 – 5960 X with its 8 cores and 16 threads accompanied by nothing more and nothing less that 4 980 GeForce GTX running in QUAD-SLI, all of them with a few frequencies of 1749 MHz for the GPU and 8.392 MHz for a memoir, an overclock than significant, taking into account that the frequencies of series are 1,216 MHz and 7,000 MHz respectively.

GeForce GTX 980

We’ll see how long when their record will lasts, we should not forget that the launch of the GTX 980 is very recent and possibly still can benefit them more with new custom models and new drivers.

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MSI is the first announcing the GTX Titan Z Business Model

Long we have been without talking about the controversial NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan Z dual core, right? This evening we received an email from MSI announcing its business model, which ultimately defies the certainty of whether it will be available for sale or not.

MSI uses the slogan "Two GPUs for an unbelievable graphics card", and are not far from reality. As you know, the GTX Titan Z makes use of two GK110 GPUs running an internal SLI, with nothing less than 12GB of GDDR5 dedicated memory, and its price will be around $3,000, a fact that NVIDIA justified with 8 TFlops of computing power. Originally, this graphics card should have been released on April 29, but was delayed until May 8, and it was not until today that a manufacturer, in this case MSI, has announced the official launch.

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