Gigabyte GeForce GTX 770 WindForce 3X OC with triple fan an 4GB memory

Windforce’ heatsink system included in this graphics card features three fans, designed to cool two blocks with five heat pipes each. This allows the card to function at lower temperatures, disipating over 450W, almost double than the GTX 770’s TDP (230W).

Gigabyte GeForce GTX 770

Windforce dissipation system that includes this graph has 3 fans that cool two blocks of dissipation with 5 copper heatpipes each, this allows you to work at lower temperatures, getting dissipate up to 450W of power, an amount almost double that TDP a reference GTX 770 with 230W.

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Review: Nvidia Geforce GTX 770 Benchmarks

Nvidia presents in one week the second high range card. More focused in an accessible price, high tight improvements and an surprising memory frequency.


Nvidia has updated its high range this weeks and the last one is the new Geforce GTX 770. A card that for 470 Dollars, somehow the actual price of the actual Geforce GTX 670, introduces interesting improvements such as a similar design found on higher models.

Geforce GTX 770

Technical Performance

We are back with Kepler of Nvidia, maybe the most prolific architecture of Nvidia from what we can remember. The new variant of this chip comes in the shape of 1536 shaders engines, exactly as the GTX 680, with a frequency superior than this last one and with a memory bus known for the usage of GDDR5 most fast memories until this date. Concretely 7gpbs of frequency to achieve the bandwidth of more than 220GB/s.

Nvidia Geforce GTX 770

More GPU frequency, more memory frequency and more consumption than the GTX 680. Genuinely a maximum consumption of 230w that imposes the usage of two power cords, one of eight contacts and another one of six.

For the first time we can find a high range chip of Nvidia, maybe because in no longer so high, with two configurations of memory size. Concretely 2GB and 4GB like an option. This way Nvidia is capable of compensate the overprice of this type of high speed memory with an more economic entrance option of 2GB of frame buffer capacity.

The improvements position the new GTX 770 in a good place leaving the GTX 680 completely obsolete and not only because its outstanding memory bus of more than 224GB/s, a 15% more, but it also integrates the GPU Boost 2.0 technology that offers more hardware control and higher frequencies.

Nvidia Geforce GTX 770

This immaculate new format.

Just one of the improvements in this new card format is presented. The same design that we see in the GTX 780, the GTX or GTX 690 Titan. All the cards with superior prices and that have remarkable improvements in thermal management also have an unchangeable aspect with a much more elaborated fabrication quality that any other previous generation.

Nvidia Geforce GTX 770

The design and the new surge frequency management for the ventilation turbine of the system, also the heat chamber disperser, achieves one surprisingly good results both in light and heavy charges and this makes the aluminum and acrylic finish look even more attractive.

The card counts with the habitual connectivity of this last models : two double link DVI ports, one HDMI 1.4 port and one Displayport 1.2 port. The card supports up to three monitors at the same time including 3D monitors of 120Hz. It also allows SLI configurations of up to three cards simultaneously.

Nvidia Geforce GTX 770

Benchmarks. I.

MS Flight. 2560×1440. High quality.

BattleField 3. 2560×1440 Ultra Quality.

F1 2012. 2560×1440. Calidad Ultra. FSAA 8x y AF 16x.

Heaven Benchmark 4.0. Extreme Tesselation, 8x FSAA. 1920×1080.

Benchmarks. II.
Crysis 3. High Quality. 2560×1440.

Futuremark 3Dmark. Fire Strike.

Futuremark 3Dmark. Fire Strike Extreme.

Bioshock Infinite. Ultra Quality. 2560×1440.

Metro Last Light. Quality Very High, 2560×1440. SAA 2x, Normal Tesselation, Normal Blur.

Analysis and conclusion:

Endurance improvement to cover the position of the GTX 680 and reduce its price to the GTX 770 price. Maybe they are not the news some of us waited for but they are very good because it not only reduces the price of a great card like the GTX 680 it also adds remarkable endurance, above all to use high resolution and good quality levels. Add the reduction of the price and the higher endurance, this great finish that offer this new graphic cards of Nvidia that not only are good examples of engineering but they also reduce the noise on both sleep and high charging levels. Its size also permits the installation in compact equipment, an advantage even though with a starting price of 470 dollars  it’s not precisely a great deal.