Dell XPS 13 Ubuntu – The most attractive Linux laptop on the market?

Dell announced last night the availability of the XPS 13s “Developers Edition” version. A fantastic ultraportable with Ubuntu preinstalled by default and the possibility to install any other GNU/Linux distro such as Fedora or Debian.

The new Dell XPS13 Ubuntu replaces the original model developed on the “Sputnik Project”. A special version designed for developers. Dell XPS 13 Ubuntu

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Dell Presents the UltraSharp monitor 27 UltraHD 5k with resolution of 5,120×2, 880 pixels

We are still seeing the arrival of the 4k monitors on the market and their standardization, a process that will take time for demand to increase and prices to fall, especially when they begin to offer a wider availability of content in that resolution. Although, Dell known for its monitors with more option doesn’t think this resolution is sufficient and has unveiled its new 27 inch screen the UltraSharp 27 5k.

Dell 5K monitor

The 5k in its name makes us think that is its resolution as 4k was taken as a measure to represent 4 times the resolution at 1080p. Although, in this case 5k means that it will supersede the 5000 horizontal pixels. In fact, the panel of this monitor offers us an impressive resolution of 5,120 x 2,880 pixels. That is about 14.75 Megapixels, which is equivalent to more than 7 times the resolution in full HD.

In order to show an image at this resolution the UltraSharp 27k makes use of two ports DisplayPort 1, 2 combined using MTS technology and it has an HDMI port.

Its price will be 2,500 dollars once it reaches the market in December.