Be Quiet! Silent 800 Review

Be Quiet! Silent 800

After a few years of earning a well-deserved reputation as a manufacturer of power supplies and cooling solutions for PC, the German company seeks to widen their horizons and presented their first case: the new Be Quiet! Silent Base 800. We’ve tried it for a few days and these are our impressions.

Be Quiet! delivers the case in a bulky packaging, properly protected and supported by a full accessory kit with all the necessary elements for a standard installation: the screws, flanges to conduct cables, hard disks support in orange silicone and a concise but comprehensive instruction manual.

The new Be Quiet! Silent Base 800 is a chassis built with a 9.7 mm steel sheet with ABS plastic panels and generous 230 x 542 x 495 mm dimensions (somewhat higher than most ATX cases, something you should consider when placing it). Our test model had some orange finishes, offering a different look and making a difference without being strident.

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NCASE M1, the Mini -ITX crowdfunded box, means a new wave

After the successful crowdfunding campaign and how they ran out of stock pretty quickly, NCASE has announced that it will reopen a second production batch of its NCASE M1 box, of mini –ITX format, and based on community requirements. Bookings are now open for limited time in the manufacturer’s website, as the production phase will begin between June and July.

This NCASE M1 has been one of the most successful crowdfunding campaigns, as far as hardware is concerned, and it has received rave reviews from both users and specialized media that have been able to test it. With just 12.6 liters of volume , is one of the smaller boxes on the market capable of accommodating high-end hardware , and thanks to its innovative design, it achieves an incredible interior space with only its small size.


This NCASE M1 is able to accommodate graphics cards up to 12.5 inches (31.75 centimeters) and even liquid cooling radiators of 240 millimeters in length. You may remember that the NCASE team that created the M1 model consists of only two people, who began in late 2012 with a project in mind to produce a compact box, of high quality and high performance, based on what users told them. Two years after they are here, releasing a second batch of the box thanks to the success they harvested.

Antec P100 Review

Antec has something for everyone when it comes to cases, from breathtaking gaming-oriented models, to compact solutions like the excellent ISK 600. Today we’ll take a look at the Antec P100, oriented for users who want the quietest possible computer.

The new Antec P100 is an ATX-format case, carefully designed with modern aesthetics. It is made primarily of high quality steel, a material known for its anti-vibration capabilities.

Antec P100

The P100 is a multipurpose case with a lot of upgrading options thanks to its considerable size. It has two 5.25-inch slots, seven 3.25-inch slots (compatible with 2.5-inch drives), four USB ports, four audio ports, and two 120mm fan connectors (though you can add two more).

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AeroCool GT and GT Advance two very affordable ATX mid-tower cases

With prices ranging from 30 to 36 Dollars, you can now get one of these ATX Mid Tower cases with gaming aesthetics.

Both the AeroCool GT and the GT Advance are two cases with ATX support, oriented for entry-level gaming machines, which can explain the aggressive design with red-colored details for the black case, or blue for the white one.

Both models are made of 0.5-mm SECC steel, come in a size of 430 x 200 x 440 mm and inside there is room for two 5.25-inch bays, three 3.5-inch Hard Drive bays and 7 expansion slots. There will be no problem if you want to install large graphics cards thanks to the 40 inches of available space. There’s also more than enough room (158 mm high) for any cooling system.

The only difference between the GT and the GT Advance is the replacement of one of the two USB 2.0 ports for one USB 3.0 port. Other than that, they are identical in every regard. These are excellent mid-tower cases with gaming-like aesthetic and a much lower price than the most common gaming cases.

Both are available now.

  • AeroCool GT White Edition: 25 Dollars
  • AeroCool GT Black Edition: 24.30 Dollars
  • AeroCool GT White Advance Edition: 29 Dollars
  • AeroCool GT Black Advance Edition: 25 Dollars