Guide: Errors to avoid when building a new computer


When building a new PC it’s very common to make mistakes both in choosing the right components as well as in the setup itself. Though this happens for several reasons, it’s usually due to a lack of information and bad advice that, on occasion, can come even from those who mean no harm.

Surely you’ve all found yourselves in the classic situation where someone tells you "Look, I bought this laptop with a 4 GB graphics card," and it turns out that it only has 1 GB for DDR3 vram and takes the rest from the computer’s main RAM. But there are many other cases, such as people who set up their own huge power supply on devices that don’t need it or who try to overclock with a heatsink of CPU series.

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Guide: Building a gaming PC to play at 1080p for under 800 dollars 2014

Today, assembling a PC for playing at 1080p is hardly prohibitive, since the price of components and peripherals has dropped considerably over the last year.

However, choosing components properly is not an easy task, especially considering the large number of components that are currently flooding the market.

Also, the market changes quickly, which is why a guide that was completely valid and correct now might be completely useless and obsolete in a few months.

Renew or die, an expression that certainly applies to the computer world and leads us to renew our guides.

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