ASUS presents the 4K ROG G501 notebook with GTX 960M

The Taiwanese company has introduced its new laptop aimed specifically at gamers, the 4K ROG G501, a really powerful computer that comes with very good specifications.


Before getting to assess the technical section, it’s fair to refer to its excellent exterior finish, and as we see this new ASUS notebook has a really nice design and it’s quite small compared to what we usually see in gaming laptops.

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ASUS adds 4 GB memory to its GTX 750Ti Strix

While having extra VRAM is something useful if we’re going to run games with high resolutions and high graphic quality, this is usually only applied to higher-range equipment, which is the only one capable of running the last titles with this conditions. Adding large quantities of memory to graphic cards has always worked as a marketing strategy for many fabricants, something that jumps to sight when we see middle or even low range models with more memory than other, more powerful models.

That’s why the launching of the GeForce GTX 750 Ti with 4 GB of GDDR5 memory by ASUS doesn’t surprise us.

This card maintains the design of the 2 GB version, with two fans and the typical design of the Strix family and the owl shape. The speed of the GPU and its 640 CUDA Cores is of 1.124 MHz and reaches 1.202 MHz with Boost, the same as the previous model. Meanwhile, the 4 GB of memory reach 5.400 MHz.

Best ASUS gaming laptop 2015: ASUS G751JY-DH71 Review (i7-4710HQ/GTX 980M)

G751JY, a new 17-in gaming notebook launched as the flagship of the ASUS ROG series, gets the inspiration for its outlook design from the F-22 fighter. Its Alu-alloy case is coated with a black matte graphics layer, giving the notebook a strong sense of muscle. As for its hardware, G751JY uses GTX 980M, a top-class discrete graphics card and thefourth-generation Intel Core i7 quad-core processor, giving it arguably matchless performance. In addition, it also incorporates one-click gameplay recording capability and 3 programmable keys, offering players much more convenience and flexibility. What improvements does this brand new product boast over its predecessors? Continue reading our review and comments below.





GFX7 retains the classic F-22-inspired streamlined design style of the previous generation of G series notebooks, with a new trapezoid Alu-alloy wiredrawing outer shell added to the upper body as well as a new red logo, making it look unusually aggressive. Moreover, other areas on the top cover of the body are all covered with rubber-like resistant material,giving it a better touch feel. But there is also a drawback with it:fingerprints tend to be left on the material, to which users should pay some attention when operating on it.

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ASUS GTX 980 vs MSI GTX 980 vs Gigabyte GTX 980 vs zotac gtx 980 Comparison, Which one is better?

The latest released flagship graphics card of GeForce GTX 980 by NVIDIA, with Maxwell architecture, has the biggest feature that it completely breaks the record of the performance per watt of the flagship graphics card. With the emergence of these two cards, the structure and competition mode of the traditional flagship graphics card market will change, the era of players focusing only on the performance rather than the experience of the game may have come to an end, and the era that the graphics card again becomes a tool of enjoying games is coming.

The performance per watt means a lot for graphics cards, higher performance per watt represents not only a lower threshold of the use and maximized unit performance, but also means that players do not need to care about such negative factors as noise, high temperature, high power consumption, game lag and even game settings and so on, which are complicated but seen as certain symbols by part of the traditional DIY players, so that they can pay more energy and attention to the process of the game.

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ASUS X99-E WS Workstation motherboards

The new motherboard for workstations, or the ASUS WorkStation uses the high performance Intel X99 platform to offer the maximum power possible in a desktop. This ASUS X99-E integrated the latest technologies and connection ports so you don’t miss anything, making use of the high-end Intel chipset capabilities.

For example, for graphic cards or GPGPU, this amazing board offers five 3.0 PCI Express ports, from which 4 can keep on running simultaneously in x16 mode, also being able to handle Crossfire and SLI configurations.


Also, there’s the Intel LGA 2011v3 socket with 8 DDR4 memory slots in Quad Channel, with a max speed of 2.133 MHz (without overclocking) and with XMP profiles support. The X99-E WS components have been chosen in order to get the maximum durability and stability with MOSFET Dr. MOS, 12k Capacitors and Beat Thermal Chokes II, among others.

Other notable technologies offered are the compatibility with the ThunderboltEX II cards, the ASUS proprietary’s connector to add more functions to the ASUS PIKE II, which allows adding a 12 Gbps bandwidth SAS controller. Or current connectors located on the board’s corner with a ProCool technology which allows a better bond between the source and the plate.

ASUS presents its new motherboard from the series Republic of Gamers, the Maximus VII Formula

It’s been 2 months since Intel launched its new series 9 chipsets, which resulted in all manufacturers announcing their new motherboards with these new chipsets, although they weren’t able to launch everything on one go, leaving some boards for later. This is what happened with the ASUS motherboard from the Republic of Gamers series, the Maximus VII formula.

This motherboard belongs to RoG, which means that it targets the most exigent of users and so, they are high end motherboards that have special features that give the user a better gaming and overclocking experience.

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ASUS Radeon R7 250X analysis

The ASUS Radeon R7 250X is a graphics card that would fit within AMD entrance/mid range and comes to bridge the gap between R7 250 and R7 260X.

ASUS Radeon R7 250X


Actually, this is a HD Radeon 7770 renamed and adapted to the new generation, with 640 stream processors running at 1 GHz, 40 TMUs (units textured), 16 ROPs (units rastered), 128-bit bus, and in this particular case, 1 GB of GDDR5 at 4.5 Ghz.

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ASUS commits to quality sound with two new Essence STX II sound cards

ASUS got into the sound card market a few years ago, when the first models of the Xonar series set themselves as a balanced option in the sound card market, and since then, the company has launched new models, ranging from basic to more demanding solutions.


This time, they have introduced two new Essence series cards, the ASUS Essence STX II and STX II 7.1, both with a PCI-Express interface connection.

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ASUS Chromebox, on sale from $179

The Taiwanese manufacturer has announced the Mini-PC ASUS Chromebox will be available this week for $179 at retailers like Amazon, Newegg and Tiger Direct.

Besides their popular Chromebooks, Google seeks to the use of their Chrome OS with this series of mini-PCs known as ASUS Chromebox.

ASUS Chromebox

It is the first, but it clearly is the most compact, affordable and efficient because it does not require active cooling fans.

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Review: ASUS ROG G750JH-DB72-CA Republic of Gamers Laptop

What we have here now is ASUS’ most powerful laptop, a high-end model with one of the most powerful GPU son the market.


Gaming Series’ laptops from ASUS is one of the big names on the gaming laptop market ever since the release of the G1 and G2 back in 2006, two very characteristic and affordable gaming laptops. Despite the design, the components –especially the GPU- were mid-level to make them affordable, which made some users want something a bit more powerful, something the most recent ROG model accomplished. Now we have here the ASUS ROG G750JH, a truly impeccable machine.


This is the most important model in the G750 series, since the other two versions, the G750JW and G750JX use inferior GPUs; in this review we will find out what makes this ASUS’ most powerful laptop as of today.

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