Which one do you prefer? The iPad Air Plus or the convertible MacBook Air Touch?

Time is running out. Apple has to respond to convertibles, 2-in-1 and ultralight new generation laptop that have been launched recently with Windows 8.1 and most likely an upgrade to Windows 10. Based on Intel’s 14 nanometer Broadwell processors and an ultra-slim design with passive cooling without annoying fans, for our taste, these are the most attractive models of today’s computing market.

Apple currently has no answer for it, neither in the consumer market for more economic models, such as the ASUS Zenbook UX305FA, the spectacular Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro convertible, nor HP’s new jewel, the HP EliteBook Folio 1020, which is a great treat for professional mobility.

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Apple MacBook Pro Retina 13 inches mid 2014


By the end of July 2014, Apple carry out an update of Its portable MacBook Pro with retina screen, an update that focused on include faster processors, doubling the memory in the two configurations of range input (without a doubt, something that thanks a lot) and offer a slightly better price for the highest 15 inch model of the family.

After this update, anyone that is going to buy an Apple laptop, only will have to opt for the MacBook Air line, which indeed is crying for an upgrade, or for a MacBook Pro with a 13-inch model and "normal" screen, three equipment of 13 inch with Retina screen and two of 15-inches also with Retina screen.


In total, clasping both MacBook Air and MacBook Pro in its different versions, Apple simplifies its offer with ten laptops, a great idea that makes it much easier to make the right decision.

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Mac mini 2014, a renovation due

The Mac mini 2014 should be the next product line to be updated by Apple, as well as the new mobility devices leaded by iPhone 6.

Apple’s mini PC hasn’t been updated since October 2012 and it is a shame because it is the cheapest personal computer that Apple offers, and, besides the AIO iMac, the only desktop machine for the consumption of Apple fans.

Mac mini 2014

In June, Appple lowered its price, which fed the rumors of a new model. Now, a list that has been leaked by the guys of the BootCamp Support allows us to be certain that we will have a new mini computer this year.

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Rumor: Apple may launch an iMac with a 4K screen in October.

Today, Apple releases the OS X10. 10 Yosemite operative system in beta to the public, a new edition that brings important visual improvements. However, the official release of this operative system will not be until October, at which time there’s rumors that the company may launch also an iMac with a 4K resolution screen and a 12-inch MacBook Air with retina display.

It is logical that a company releases new equipment just as you renew the version of your operative system and when such is the case, it incorporates important visual improvements. However, what it doesn’t seem to be logical is that Apple will release new devices with the same hardware than the previous generation. What would make sense is to wait until the end of the year, when Intel finally releases its anticipated Broadwell generation. It is possible that Intel may be better than expected when making this generation of processors, but it seems unlikely. They are expected at the end of this year or beginning of next year.


The popular website 9to5Mac said that Apple will launch an iMac with a 4K resolution (or at least UHD) something that makes a lot of sense, considering the high resolutions which Apple has been working for quite some time. Their resolutions are supported since OS X 10.9.3

On the other hand, as we mentioned, there is a rumor of a hypothetical launch of a 12-inch MacBook Air with retina display, something that if produced after Intel already launches Broadwell, will allow that this devices to not have active cooling, that is, fanless (completely silent since there’s no fans) .

MacBook Air 13-inch Real User Review (2013 Version)

MacBook Air is Not “the best laptop for everyone” – but the best and best selling single model in the $1099-1850 price range – that’s entry level to fully optioned out. I infer “best selling model” from a) Apple’s small number of SKU’s and length of time between models and b) from the fact that Apple has 90% market share in the $1000 and up price category.

MacBook Air 13-inch

Battery life is a bigger deal to me than “retina resolution” – I’m perfectly happy with the 1600×1200 monitor on my desktop and can deal with 1440×900 (though I think that that or even1080p might have been achievable with say, 10.5 hours of battery life and I would have gone all “yaay.”)

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