Surface Pro 3 arrives, the Tablet that could beat the iPad.

In a market dominated by Apple tablets and the mobile operative system Android, Microsoft returns to try again with its new Surface Pro 3, a tablet/laptop that could turn in a worthy competitor in the industry.

In a market dominated by Apple tablets and Android mobile operating system, Microsoft try again with its new Surface Pro 3, a tablet / laptop that could become a worthy competitor in the industry.

After two years of the launch of its predecessor, Surface Pro 3 marks the first important product of Microsoft directed by Satya Nadella, the new CEO of the company after the resignation of Steve Ballmer. As it is expected, the Surface Pro 3 suggests the new path that Redmond will take under Nadella’s tutelage.

Surface Pro 3

“Can we create a gadget that merges the best of a Tablet and a laptop?” This was the question asked by Nadella to the audience before presenting his Surface Pro 3, a devise with a 12” screen and a 2160 x 1440 pixel resolution, a incredible visual technology for a gadget like this one.

Surface Pro 3

Microsoft looks to displace laptops with its new tablet.

The Surface Pro 3 is bigger than its predecessor, which screen measures a bit more than 10 inches. Nevertheless, the device looks more comfortable on hand due to the fact that it is lighter than the Surface Pro 2. Its body has a 9.1mm thickness and weights 800 grams (without the accessories).

Despite its light and slim design, the Surface Pro 3 keeps a potent interior with an Intel Processor in three versions: Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7 (the price will vary depending on the version). However, a processor of this caliber needs a fan, a device that Microsoft decided to add intelligently as not to hinder the metamorphosis of this device from a laptop to a tablet. Will it work?

Surface Pro 3The device allows for tilting thanks to an adjustable back support. This capability permits the Surface Pro 3 to pass from a laptop to a tablet in a matter of seconds.

Because the gadget functions as a Tablet and a laptop, it will work with a special keyboard, a stylus pen or with the hands through its multi-touch interface.

How much does it costs?

As revealed in its official presentation, the Surface Pro 3 will see an initial price of 799 dollars, and its final price will depend on the processor that comes inside.

The device will be sold in shops in the United States starting on may 21st and it will later arrive to other countries. (The exact dates are yet to be announced.)

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