Sony will continue to support and invest in PS3 after the launch of PS4

Seems like the veteran table console from the Japanese company still has much battle to give since, supposedly, Sony will continue to support PS3, they will keep its catalog of games as updated as possible and will invest in it even after the launch of PS4, its next-generation console.


This is very understandable, given the huge base of players currently forming the community of users of PS3. According to Hiroshi Kawano himself, SVP at Sony:

“Seven years have passed since the launch of PS3 and the console still selling at a steady pace. In addition, we have a lot of titles for it that are coming. We have no intention of immediately passing from PS3 to PS4. This leap is not forced, it will be a gradual process. The attitude of ‘ we are launching a new console so change your old machines for the new oneĀ“ depends more on the ego of the manufacturer, it’s that simple”.


A declaration of intent which, without a doubt, predicts at least one couple of more years of life to PS3 in quite good conditions, that is, with new and interesting releases. I remind you that Microsoft also raises a similar strategy with regard to Xbox 360.

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