Sony: PS4 will have a better launch than PS3

Unlike the PS3, the launch of the Sony PS4 will bring no loss of business. After a series of major restructuring of the company under CEO Kazuo Hirai, the Japanese company is back in the black. Sony will have to invest heavily in its marketing around the launch of the new console.

PlayStation 3-Controller

It appears that the PlayStation 4 (PS4), Sony will be a more profitable product than the PlayStation 3 (PS3). “Unlike the PS3, we should suffer with the launch of the PS4 no greater defeat,” said Chief Financial Officer Masaru Kato to euro gamers. At the time of development of the PS3 you’ve made a lot of internal company investments for development of the chip. Once again, you have certainly a team that was working on the development of the chip, but you have already existing technology that you can embed, and beyond product investment as well as aids would be borne by the partners, ie. from other companies, so you should not invest so strong internally.

Sony has, after a time of great loss, a profitable year behind, which is a good result by Kazuo Hirai’s first year in his position as Managing Director. If he could not work miracles, he has reorganized the company and rationalized by slashed thousands of points and selling expensive office buildings in both Japan and America, also Sony’s shares in DeNA (Internet services for mobile devices and PCs) and the Group M3. After this restructuring, Sony could finally buy Gaikai last summer. Overall, the sales of PS2 and PS3 dropped from 18 million last year to 16.5 million, whereas PS Vita and PSP, with 7,000,001 sold, track better than the 6.8 million the year before last year. The PS Vita in Japan; however, lowered in price, brought Sony profits.

In the upcoming year significantly increasing sales are expected, says Kato. This expectation comes about primarily from the fact that the PS4 will be introduced in this fiscal year, which ends at the end of March 2014. However, one can expect a relatively balanced operating income, which comes from a higher amount of research and development expenses and marketing costs as part of the launch of the PS4 about. Sony believes in ten million PS3 sales this fiscal year and five million PSP and PS Vita sales (from a relatively poor prognosis for the Vita).

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