Seven reasons why gamers will buy the PS4(playstation 4)

After yesterday’s presentations at E3 2013, everyone’s cards have been laid on the table. Since we haven’t been given too many technical details and bot Microsoft and Sony’s marketing campaigns have started, gamers everywhere have started to count the days remaining to know the new generations of video game consoles.

Seven reasons why gamers will buy the PS4

We think the PS4 offers the most features for the video game aficionado, while its multimedia capabilities and Kinect may help Xbox to widen their target demographic. Here are seven key features that, in our opinion, give the PS4 an edge over Microsoft’s console:

1. PS4 will cost 100 USD less than the Xbox One

Since both console’s hardware is so similar, there’s no reason to believe there will be too many differences between PS4 and Xbox One games. Then we have the exclusives, which are slowly becoming a thing of the past, since multiplatform is becoming the standard. In this scenario 100 USD is a lot of difference, especially if you only want the console for games.

2. PS4 doesn’t need to connect to the internet every 24 hours

Nowadays, it’s a well known fact that the Internet is a very big part of gaming. We’re not talking about online gaming only, but also the special content, patches and updates offered through the internet. What we don’t like is Microsoft’s mandatory internet check every 24 hours. Restrictions like these will never convince the gamer public to buy your console.

Seven reasons why gamers will buy the PS4

3. PS4 doesn’t watch you (if you don’t want it)

The Xbox One includes Kinect, something that surely will seem interesting for some users, but wouldn’t it be better to sell it as an extra or release a cheaper model without the Kinect? Although Microsoft has confirmed Kinect’s camera can be turned off with the voice command “Xbox Off” (as long as the game or the application doesn’t need it), some may not like this whole Kinect integration thing.

The PS4 does not have a camera, but you can get it later for approx 60 USD. And yes, we know it’s far from being what Kinect has to offer, but we doubt this will be a huge difference with games.

4. PS4 allows for remote play with your PSVita

It’s true, the PSVita was not exactly a huge success, but for those who have one (or will get one soon) choosing a home console will be much easier. The PS4 offers the possibility of remote play, allowing you to take your PS4 games with you in your PSVite, which is a dream come true for any gamer.

Seven reasons why gamers will buy the PS4

5.PS4 has no region lock

True gamers know where they can buy cheaper games. Also, there are many fans of games that are rarely released outside of Japan of the US, but can be bought on the internet. The PS4 will have no restrictions in this regard, while the Xbox One will only be able to play games released on your region.

6.PS4 has no restrictions about used games

Remember all those games you’ve enjoyed and think about all of those that, like any good gamer does, were borrowed from a friend, bought used, lent to someone else or sold. With the PS4, everything will be like it has always been.

7. PS4 offers more backwards compatibility options

There a probably some users who may wonder what’s the point in buying a 400 USD console to play games from last generation (or even older. However, for many fans, there are a lot of great classics worth re-playing despite the advancement of technology and the release of new consoles.

While PS3 and older games are not directly compatible with the new console, Sony has confirmed we will be able to enjoy them via streaming. Let’s just hope they are not too overpriced, as it tends to be the case, and the ease of programming for x86 architectures will make it possible for games to be on many different platforms and not just Sony’s.

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