Seagate starts testing its 8TB hard drives in companies.

With their 6TB hard drives, now in the market for around 300 USD (230 Euros), Seagate is working on increasing even more its data density for mechanical 3.5 inches format hard drives and has already started real testing with industrial clients of its next generation hard drives which can reach 8TB capacity. Though these hard drives are still nothing but engineering models, their industrial clients will help them do stability and reliability testing before officially launching them to the market.

Seagate chosen industrial clients have already received various engineering samples of these 8 TB capacity hard drives so that they can start to use them immediately in their cloud storage system. This means that Seagate has expressly chosen clients that have cloud hosting services so that their 8 TB hard drives can be tested in server environments with high data traffic and 24X7 operations, the most demanding situation today for an industrial hard drive.

Seagate HDD

Once Seagate has the test results (we don’t know how much time will be optimal to consider that these 8TB units have passed the tests), they will be ready for officially launching the units. If the current 6TB hard drives cost around 300 USD, we estimate that these 8TB units could reach 400 USD, a price that seems acceptable enough a priori due to its capacity. We will see if they are reliable too.

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