Seagate starts sending it’s firsts 8TB HDDs

Even though the SSDboom is unstoppable, there’s still a long way ahead for the SSD’s to even come close to the cost/GB ratio that solid mechanical hard drives enjoy. And the manufacturers of this components are not just not giving up, but also they keep on improving the capacities of the HDD’s.

In September we talked about the imminent arrival of the first 8 TB Seagate HDD’s, scheduled for the end of the year. The company has already started on time delivering to the distributors and stores, so we might be able to see them on display before 2015 begins.

To achieve this storage density on a disk, Seagate uses the SMR (Shingled magnetic recording) technology, allowing the increase of storage capacity of each plate that writes the data in cascade, as if it were overlapping shingles. Actually, the literal translation of SMR (Shingled magnetic recording) would be something close to “Shingle’s magnetic recording”.

Also, this does not increase the manufacturing costs, but the opposite, since the estimated cost of ST8000AS0002 is $260. A bit over 3 cents per GB. A capacity/price ratio that will be hardly surpassed by the SDD’s within the next years.

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