Samsung unveils its new 27 inch curved monitor the S27D590C

Samsung has unveiled its new 27 in curved screen monitor the S27D590C designed for the entertainment sector users to experience total immersion in multimedia. According to Samsung, the S27D590C improves a user’s experience compared to a flat panel monitor since it has a uniform view from the center outwards to the borders.

Samsung curved monitor

"Our new 27-inch curved monitor takes the enjoyment of gaming and movies to a new dimension. From its unique curved design to the incredible picture quality and stylish design, the S27D590C represents our desire to provide the user with the best entertainment experience possible, "said Seoggi Kim, vice president of the division of Samsung monitors.

The curvature of S27D590C improves the viewing experience of the user, adapting to the natural curvature of the human eye, causing the eyes to roll to view details on the ends of the screen is much more natural than on a flat panel monitor, and creates a sense of greater immersion in movies and games. Additionally, the curvature creates a wider field of vision and a greater sense of depth in the images, allowing the user to enjoy a wider panoramic views and even gives the screen a little 3D effect. This 3D effect is particularly apparent when a game is played in first person, according to Samsung.

Besides viewing angles of 178 ° and featuring VESA 100 x 100 anchors, Samsung has not revealed anymore characteristics of this monitor. The arrival date to stores isn’t known or the price at which it will be.

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