Samsung introduces new triple-layer SSD EVO

They’re not exactly new, since some of the 840 series models already featured them, but what’s new is their new 1 TB capacity.

This new series of hard drives falls under the 840 series, so it actually shares a lot of its features with the devices of this series, already well known to many of us. Currently, we have the 840 series, with a TLC NAND Flash memory system, moderate performance and aggressive prices; and the 840 Pro series, with MLC technology and much better performance.

The difference is that the EVO will now feature a 10nm TLC memory and 128 GB via chip. They started manufacturing them last April, and they feature a multi-core driver from Samsung. The 840 series, therefore, has become outdated thanks to these models, capable of writing twice as fast with 250GB drives, and thrice as fast with 120GB ones. Writing speeds can reach up to 420MB/s.

The best model of this series is the 840 EVO with a capacity of 1TB, which shows the performance of Pro series models with almost 100k IOPS and writing and reading speeds of up to 520 MB/s. This model will be the direct competition of Crucial’s M5, which 1TB configuration costs around 600$.

Samsung introduce nuevos SSD EVO de triple capa.

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