Samsung expands its SSD 850 EVO series with M.2 formats and mSATA

Samsung expands its storage solutions based on solid state with two new models in M.2 and mSATA formats under the SSD 850 EVO series. This is the best in the SSD market with the new generation of 3D V-NAND memories.

The new SSD 850 EVO is offered in the new M.2 and mSATA formats. Just like the classic 2.5-inch drives, they connect to the SATA interface but with significant improvements in terms of weight, space and energy consumption, which are perfect for laptops, Ultrabooks or convertibles that have this type of connectors.

Their performance is similar: 540/520 Mbytes per second data transfer in read / write modes and 4K random accesses of 97,000 / 89,000 IOPS.

Like all SSD 850 EVO Series, they use the new generation of 3D V-NAND memories that were incorporated in the 850 PRO. A latest generation technology whose production has just been announced by Intel and Micron, but for now Samsung is the only one able to launch it.

They are slightly more expensive than their equivalent in 2.5-inch format with prices of 100, 150, 270 and 500 dollars, respectively, for models with capacity of 120, 250, 500 Gbytes and 1 Tbyte.

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