Rumor: The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 870 y GTX 880 will be available in November

As we were told by Guru3D, NVIDIA will launch their new GeForce GTX 870 y GeForce GTX 880 graphics in November of this year. This information comes from an event of the brand to which Guru3D attended last week, and NVIDIA assures that both graphics will contain Maxwell chips fabricated on 28 nanometers(not in 20 nanometers, as expected).

At this point we cannot say anything but rumors, and until NVIDIA makes an official announcement, that is all they are, rumors. About a month ago, a picture of the engineering of a GTX 880 was intercepted, and we were also told that the GTX 870 and the GTX 880 would be launched in October.

Now they say that the launch date will be November, and their source is the same as the ones that said that they would be launched in October: “someone told them so”. We could use the same argument now, and say that they will be released in December or September. We just inform you of whatever rumor we come across.

GeForce GTX 870

In any case, what seems certain is that the delays in the process of fabrication on 20 nanometers of TSMC will cause the first graphic cards of the next generations, of both NVIDIA and AMD, to be based in the 28 nanometers process of fabrication instead of the 20 nanometers that we have been waiting for.

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